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Hello people. F2P browser MMORPG Game , one of the best online games MonsterMMORPG started a special weekend event once again. If you like to play free games check out monster mmorpg

Hopefully i will also start releasing new maps images soon. MonsterMMORPG hopefully will become one of the most successful games in the world

Now the event is 100% EXP and Money bonus from wild monster battles.

Lets come to new Monster images. There are some pretty cool dragons.
All rights reserved to MonsterMMORPG once again

Vydral (Electric & Poison):

Gigoliath (Rock & Psychic): -
Aturion (Light & Steel):

Grasilisk (Grass & Water): -
Ugoyle (Dragon & Dark):

Aurorile (Dragon & Ice): -
Orogond (Dragon & Fire):
F2P Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG Developer
Looking for volunteer artists. The contributes will be fully credited at this respected game which may greatly help them in the future. Our credits page : MonsterMMORPG Credits

Basically if you are able to draw and want to get your place, just send me a PM. I have skype, live msn, yahoo msn.
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