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Newlestter & Update February 11th, 2012
Table of contents
  1. Editor's Notes
    This month in development...
  2. Screenshots
    From Cliffs of Hawthorne & Mesto Mountain
  3. Character Updates
    Heroes & Rivals
  4. Final Notes
This month in development...
Editor's Notes
So today is almost mid-February, and occasionally I wish to do these kind of updates to show people what exactly is going on behind the scenes. Well from January, after the hustle and bustle of the new year I have started work again. I personally went through a serious art block for several weeks, so I wasn't really getting anything done in any department. So I eventually decided to try and do some work on things which are not going to be in the first demo, simply to get out of that restricting zone of working on the same stuff frequently. However you will see some updates for the first demo in this update, as well as some updates from later in the game, so let's get started huh?

Here's some new music for you to listen to as you go through the thread!

Created by our composer Steven!

Screenshots - Cliffs 0f Hawthorne & Mesto Mountain

For the past two to three weeks myself and some of the team have been working on a new area which is loosely based on Machu Picchu as well as a number of other areas. For now I am only displaying some of the terrain you encounter. This area is quite ambitious and is inhabited by ancient and dinosaur Pokémon.

The Cliffs of Hawthorne is a large route amongst the sea in which leads up to a waterfall where two large Ho-oh statues were created by inhabitants of Hawthorne many years ago after the war. This leads you into through another large route known as Mesto Mountain, where an overgrown temple resides on top. This temple was used to protect the people of the city beyond it. Powerful and ancient Pokémon reside both inside and out of it. A Tyranitar was said to have fought off forces from the King's army many years ago to protect the city from their onslaught, and so they erected statues of him. To this day, Tyranitar has been seldom seen in Hawthorne, but many believe the bloodline from that saviour still remains within the temple.

Alto & Aria
Character Updates

Meet Alto
Alto is the male hero in Forever Lost. He is a determined, fighting and collected teenager. Alto grew up in Nocturne Town in the Hawthorne region with both his parents. When his father went on official business due to work, Alto became the male presence in the house and began to look after his mother. Alto and his best friend Gavin were always known to be up to mischief in the town, which led to their popularity amongst the inhabitants. Only because the town is so quiet that somebody needs to keep it lively!

Meet Aria
If you choose to play as Aria, she is the pretty, happy go-lucky girl from Nocturne Town. Aria grew up at home with her parents, and was particularly fond of hearing stories from her parents. She and Gavin had been friends from a young age, they had both been very interested in leaving home some day, and knew that once they did, they could never agree to go in the same direction! They never could agree on one thing. But Aria and Gavin were best friends nonetheless. The towns people always found their banter humorous.

Meet Gavin
Gavin is the hot headed, introspective and philosophical young adult who hails from Nocturne Town. He enjoys exploring the wilderness around him and writing music. Although he is quite intelligent, he tends to allow some of his more negative qualities be more evident. However he is a good friend of your chosen hero, and simply wishes to find his way in this world. He claims to get recurring nightmares from a boy named Luke.

Meet Carmen
Carmen is from Tranquillo Town. She helps out with the farm her parents own from time to time, but she dreams of living in the city. She is a stylish and metropolitan go-getter who's dream is to be famous in the region of Hawthorne for her evident sharp and persuasive characteristics. Watch out for her! She may not seem like she's strong willed by how kind she is, but she fights for what she believes in!

And so ends this update!
It has been a busy few weeks for us. I have also hired a few additional artists. Elaynii from PC, InnocentDrive, Rezfan and Litera-sure all from Deviant art. Each but the latter signing on as artists while Litera-sure is a pixel artist. I am very happy to welcome them each to the team. In saying that, I am still looking to recruit some members, you may refer to my previous post if interested.

Thanks for reading all!

Oh! And one more thing, welcome to the region of Hawthorne.

2012 © The Forever Lost Team
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