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    Originally Posted by Anti View Post
    Sorry for the looooong delay with the OP. But we got a new one so big thanks to Nica everyone!

    I'll get this updated soon. But for now, just keep posting those results.

    Also, we're open to sign-ups again. We're not even the largest clan anymore, hehe.
    :o ... Thanks, Nica! The post looks sexy! The snow falllllll... :L

    Anyways, yeah. I haven't had any "true" clan battles in a while. All of them have been from mock teams from characters in the game or just gag teams in general so my amount to be added stays the same But just so you don't have to go post hunting; 31

    EDIT: I decided to go ahead and find the members who joined the clan but were never added to the first post, for you:

    DaPokeFlash, counted 0 wins posted.
    Roswell, counted 4 wins posted.
    TheBowsinator, counted 5 wins posted.

    EDIT: Beat DA through hax, so that's 32 to be added, I suppose..