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Eternity City

Zane was on fast approach to Beserker, who at this point pleaded with his life. Zane was in no mood to oblige. Neither was Gladius.

"No! You will pay for your atrocious behavior! Tell that to your leader!" Gladius said, landing fists on Beserker. "That is for Liberty Town! And this..." He landed another one.

"This is for you abandoning the tribe!" He impacted the Aggron once more. Beserker screamed in pain. Now it was Zane's turn. He impacted him heavily with a Sword Dance-infused Iron Head. Zane's head landed right on the chest of the downed Pokemon, causing a cave-in of his armor, and cough up blood.

Zane back away from Beserker, and prepared to launch another Night Slash. To his surprise, though, Beserker began to laugh.

"Ha......hahahahaha....." He began, with obvious difficulty as blood flowed from wounds delivered by the three Gold Tribe members.

"You think this is over? Ha....You think any of this will help? Even....ugh....even if you defeat me, and take Eternity....even if you somehow defeat the other Sentinels, and make it all the way to Silver City....hahaha...there is still...Auron, and none of you...ugh ahaha....none of you can defeat him. He cannot be stopped, he cannot be fought...hahahahahahahaha....ugh....HAHAHAHAHAHA-"

Beserker was cut off as Zane delivered a Guillotine attack upon him. Beserker struggled with the wound for a few seconds, then stopped moving, silent forevermore. Zane leaned into the Aggron's body, and placed an arm on his body as he muttered words to him.

"So you pass, Alex Ares, "Armoid", from this world. May your spirit find peace in the halls of immortality..."

Zane got up, and turned to Gladius and spoke.

"Come on, brother. This battle isn't over yet." He said, as he prepared to move on. Zane shot a look at Defender, whose body was already beginning to be tended to by a Chansey. "Defender is tough. He'll be back, once he's healed, he'll catch up to us. We have to go see if the rebels are alright."

Zane ran through back into the heart of the battle. The city had now been erupted into chaos, as fighting occurred everywhere, but Zane knew they would be able to keep this up forever. They had to proceed to take the city before the Ancients overrun. Zane charged with an Iron Head on an unsuspecting Rampardos as he fought once more. He noticed his energy was greatly exhausted because of his fight with Beserker, but he persisted nonetheless. A Kabuto and three Omanyte enclosed around Zane as they prepared to attempt to overwhelm him. Zane did his best to avoid their attacks, and countered. He launched an Aerial Ace on the Kabuto, sending him backwards, before turning his attention to the other three. Getting hit on the back with a water gun from the Omanyte, Zane grunted, but turned and hit him with a Night Slash. As the other two attempted to subdue him, Zane knocked them back with an Iron Head. He panted, observing the fallen Pokemon before him. When he was sure they were fallen, he moved on.


Calamity and Speculum wearily fought, but they had finally successfully made a path out of the surrounded area, back to the heart of the battlefield. Calamity looked around.

"We should find Vigil and the others!" Speculum yelled, as an Aerodactyl swooped in and tried to lift the Grovyle-Ditto off his feet. Calamity and Speculum double-teamed the Aerodactyl with a Thunder/Razor Leaf Combo. The Ancient was out of the sky in seconds.

"Any sign of the others beforehand?" Calamity said back to Speculum. The two narrowly avoided a Slash from a Kabutops. Calamity hopped to the side as Speculum jumped into the air. Calamity used a Night Slash, as Speculum finished it off with a Leaf Blade.

"Vigil was with Defender, last I saw! I haven't seen TrueStrike, Sword and Shield or Hoodhide for a while now!"

Suddenly, the two spotted a blast of fire erupted from the side of the battlefield, quite a distance away. Calamity squinted his eyes, wondering who it could be. No one could release such powerful fire attacks unless it was a Gold Tribe member or...

"Ignitus." Calamity said. He squinted more, and saw a Gallade engaged with her. "TrueStriker's with her! I'll go help him out, you guys go find the others!"

Calamity took off. Speculum turned to "Wildfire".

"Come on, sister. Let's find our brothers!" Speculum shot a glance at "Rey" as well, whose face was still hidden. The Pokemon nodded silently at the Ditto-Grovyle.

Before the rebels could move any longer, however, a rather large group of different Ancients surrounded the rebels.

"Dang." Speculum said. Without another thought, Speculum charged forward.

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