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    Please note this is not an RSE remake or a ROM hack, this is made with RMXP

    Main Characters:

    Meet Ethan!

    This is the hero of the game. He is a very serious boy who does not like to play silly games and cause mischief around the peaceful streets of Oldoak Town. He is a boy of solitude who likes to research and read about strategy and the region's folk-law. He one day hopes to aspire to become the strongest pokemon trainer the world has ever seen. He knows the journey will be long and dangerous in some places, but the risks have all been calculated.

    Meet Rose!

    This is the heroine of the game. She is a very stubborn young girl who can't contain her energy with much ease. She marvels at posters put up around the streets of famous and fearless pokemon trainers of brave and strong attitude, one day hoping to meet, greet and beat them all.

    Meet Tom!

    This the rival of the game who chooses the starter pokémon with a type-advantage to yours. He is a troubled young man who knows not of a normal life. His father -the champion of the Greeo region- can rarely ever visit. His mother can not satisfy his need to discover and explore every corner of the Greeo region so he runs away, with the cherished pokemon left to him by his father so he can write a chronicle of his own adventure.

    Gym Leaders:

    This is Pearl. She is a strong spirited trainer who looks down on the weak and respects her superiors. She is a normal type gym leader because normal represents a clear future (The name; 'Pearl' represents the clearness of the world).

    This is Samson. Samson trains ice type pokemon, in his desperate hopes to deny the blazingly hot weather that his home of Sunset city receives during the summer.

    This is Burno (Burno is extended from 'Burn' meaning to combust or react in the presence of oxygen). Burno is both a scientist and a master of fire type pokemon. After travelling the region, he sought a way to turn his barren, volcanic hometown (Ashville town) that the residents of which call a home into a thriving metropolis. After his dreams failed he invented pyro-electrics by harnessing the geothermal heat of the surrounding magma and turning the heat energy into electricity.

    This is Joey. Joey trains water type pokemon in a city where there are high levels of extraterrestrial elements which was believed to be the blueprints of life.

    This is Sylvester. In his old age he changed his name to suit the new colour of his once jet-black hair. As a young man he and his pokemon trained to the extreme, so much so that he invented a rank above black-belt, the rainbow belt.

    This is Palmo. Growing up in Oldoak town he became fascinated with plants and the entire subject of herbology, thus vowing to become a wielder of grass type pokemon (Palmo is derived from palm which is a type of tree). After his travels as a young man he returned to Oldoak town to build his future as a gym leader.

    This is Kaida (Kaida is a feminine name associated with dragons). She grew up in the quiet location of Celistic town in the sinnoh region, driven into depression by other children from the neighbourhood making fun of her dragon type pokemon (pokemon that didn't blend in with the towns culture). She returned to her hometown 15 years later to avenge the dark years of her past that had been spent living with her own tears, thereafter helping the next generation of outcast children who, like her, didn't blend in with the rest of the residents.

    This is Angelica (Derived from angelic. Sounding vaguely similar to Hallucinogenic (substances which cause illusions)). After discovering her hidden talent of being able to see into the future she roamed the land in search of the ultimate unanswered questions. She found a flat stretch of land on top of a plato where she built her gym, to seek 'the one' who would answer her unknown question, bringing her search to an end.

    The Greeo Region

    The features:
    New Hero/Heroine sprites
    BW Tiles
    A custom pokedex of 160 obtainable Pokémon
    A brand new region, the region of Greeo

    The Plot:
    Professor Birch has moved to his new lab in the Greeo region, coincidently it is your 15th birthday, the day that you choose your first pokémon in which to set the journey ahead of you into motion.

    During your journey you meet friends, enemies, rivals and many different pokémon.
    You will visit to all the towns, cities and villages in the region, conquering all eight gyms and receiving badges after. Eventually your quest will end at the Pokémon League, holding the toughest trainers in the region within.

    Meanwhile, Team magma - having been disbanded in the Hoenn region - have immigrated to the Greeo region on a secret quest, this starts a war against the secret organisation native to Greeo, who both have the same goal - to reawaken Groudon/Kyogre and conquer the globe! - Being caught up in all of this Steven, the Hoenn champion, Red, the Kanto champion meet you and team up against this double menace to save the world from oblivion!

    The Legend:
    There were once three brothers who could be called heroes. The eldest brother, in command of the ruby and with it, the deity of the continents. The youngest brother, in command of the sapphire and with it, the deity of the ocean. The third brother, no younger then the youngest brother yet no older than the oldest brother, in command of the emerald, and with it, the roaring skies, the thunderous clouds and the deity of the heavens.

    These three brothers kept the peace in their regions of the world, protecting their area from evil and keeping the peace of the honest.

    One day the eldest brother was led into deceit by a wicked man, not of the land, sea or sky. Thinking that the hero of the sea and the hero of the sky had too much of the glory, the eldest brother was outraged by the blind fury of this misleading deception. And declared war on the people of the sea.

    For months the two colossal superpowers fought against one-another, blind to the truth. Eventually the worlds chaotic state was too much for the hero of the sky to bear and descended to earth.

    ...and the ancient deity of the skies came down from the beaconing heavens to quell the rage of the land and sea, thus returning their energy to the spirits of the two heroes. The hero of the land and the hero of the sea imprinted their last words unto the ruby and the sapphire; "Those who find the ruby is destined to hold the power of magnitude of land in a heartbeat... and those who seek peace on the waters of the ocean shall find the power of solitude to be ever so much bliss..." These two heroes disappeared to leave the world in peace, and the hero of the sky, along with the legendary dragon ascended into the heavens, hoping to descend one day in the future. The last words of the hero of the sky were imprinted onto the emerald; "To be in balance is to show equality in the universe, to win without pity is to lose without dignity, and to vanquish evil is to destroy the diversity of the world, and who so ever shall find this to be true shall know their destiny with the deity of the skies...Rayquaza...

    Official Box Art:

    Official Screenshots:

    Coming Soon!

    Founder, Mapper, Spriter: Rayquaza.
    Co-Founder and Story writer: Firestorm.

    If anyone wants to join the team can you just PM me what you are good at and evidence of your work.

    Rayquaza. - Sprites, Title screen
    Kyledove/Kymotonian - Sprites, tiles
    Mineox100 - Logo, Region Map
    P-Sign - Animated sprites (From his resource pack)
    Clowcardruler - Resizing animated sprites sprites
    Poccil/Flameguru/Maruno - Pokemon Essentials
    Firestorm. - Providing of tiles
    Tratas - Tiles
    TyranitarDark - Tiles
    Rayd12smitty - Pokemon Following script
    UltimoSpriter - Tiles
    Heavy-Metal-Lover - Tiles
    Rainsky - Tiles
    Help-14 - VSBar Script
    Ęℓαчиıı - Box Art

    (If I have missed anyone off the credits list tell me and I will put your name up on the credits list)

    If you support this game and the thread itself then put one of the above support bars in your signature.