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Finally got a 3DS, which means I got to dust off my SS and play a bit.. I think the last time I played any game was later in 2010.

Started with a Totodile, accidently caught a Geodude and Zubat... I've never really used them, in any generation previously. Really had no problems up until Bugsy, when his (her) Sycther started wrecking ****. His stupid U-Turn kept OHKOing everything. Sacrificed a Flaffy to paralyze it. Rocky (Geodude) came in and OHKO'd it with Rock Throw. (Which is funny, because I was planning on boxing it.)

Then a few minutes later, Bats (Zubat) outlasted my Rival's Bayleef. It was seriously like a 20 minute battle because of Reflect/Synthesis. Anyway, that won me over too, so now I'm pretty sure I'm taking a Golem and Crobat with me all the way. :3

Can't believe how much time I've put into this so far, almost 8 hours over the past two days. (That's a lot for me)

Team as of Goldenrod:
Brotodile, Lv. 16
Flaffy, Lv. 16
Geodude, Lv. 17
Zubat, Lv. 17
Gastly, Lv. 7
Togepi, Lv. 4
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