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    Sorry I haven't posted in a while!But, next chapter!
    Chapter 2
    Shiver's POV

    Shadow and I walked towards the woods where the hedgehog had ran into. He just stared ahead. He seemed a bit,well, stubborn. Ok, I guess I kinda like guys who are stubborn,but I had just met him! Then my mind turned toward the other hedgehog he had mentioned, Mephiles. My heart was filled with hatred for that evil hedgehog. Horrid flashbacks sped through my mind.

    Everyone ran in one direction or another. Then he came up. I stared at him,my hatred for him growing faster. My village was on fire. Everyone was dieing. "N-no. Why are you doing this?!" He smirked, then teleported away without a word. I didn't think twice. I ran out of my village, struck by fear that refused to leave. I left, but not before taking two items passed down in my family. The Scepter of Darkness, the onlything that could seal him. And Kori, the sacred sword forged from solid ice that would never melt.

    When the flashback ended,we were in front of the forest.I nodded at Shadow,then we ran into the forest. As we ran, I thought of Kori resting in the seathe on my hip. A small glow came from it, but Shadow didn't seem to notice it. I would certainly have to use it, though. He would notice sooner or later. I shook it off, and kept on running into the forest with Shadow.

    And ok, I'll admit it, Shadow is kinda hot.
    Eggy click, pwease!

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