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    "Come on, sister. Let's find our brothers!" The Grovyle-Ditto said, turning to Daricka. Unfortunately, it didn't seem that would be immediately possible as a large group of Ancients surrounded the rebels, hindering further progress. The Infernape charged forward with the Ditto, her flames flaring up as she narrowed her eyes, fully focused on the battle at hand.

    After gauging how much energy she could spare, she burst into dark blue flames and zipped ahead of her companion. She smriked a bit when the Bastiodon in front of her braced itself, no doubt expecting to be hit by the Flare Blitz. It was only partly right. Instead of slamming into the Ancient with the full power of the Flare Blitz attack - which probably wouldn't have done muchh with the Bastiodon's high defences - she grabbed the top of its shield-like head and flipped herslef up and over, her hands leaving scorch marks where she had grasped. She landed on its back, facing toward the back of its head. She wrapped her blazing hot hands around its neck, letting it struggle as her hands scorched throught the rock-hard skin until it had melted away enough that she dcould crush it with relative ease.

    She would have stayed and finished the job rather than let the beast lay there, twitching as it slowly died, but a pair of Rampardos had other ideas as they harged toward her side-by-side with their heads low. Daricka jumped at the final moment, landing on their heads and pushing them into the ground. While they lay defensless, she used up the last few moments of the Flare Blitz, coming down hard on them with Close Combat.

    'Anymore of those and I'll probably go into blaze mode,' she speculated as the dark flames retreated from her body back to the flickering fire atop her head.