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    Penance Malum

    Penance groaned as he regained consciousness. At first all he saw were shadows. The shadows slowly took shape and as he lifted his head his vision was enveloped by a bright light. Penance blinked his eyes furiously and noticed a shape moving near him. Penance managed to croak out a question, "Am I dead?"

    Penance heard a chuckle, "No. Don't worry Mr. Gold Tribe, I have everything under control. Here, eat these. They'll speed the recovery process." The figure began to put something in his mouth and as Penance moved the object in his mouth he realized that it was a berry. Having no other choice than to trust the stranger Penance began to chew the berry and swallowed it. He felt a little relief flow into his injuries and he let out a relieved sigh that quickly turned to a cry of pain as the figure grabbed his arm. Penance nearly lept up but the figure held him down, "Hold on! I'm just putting it in a splint. I don't want you moving it around." Penance's eyesight was almost restored and he realized that the figure was a Chansey.

    Due to his numerous injuries Penance didn't have the strength to even fight against the young soldier as she bent his arm over his chest. She wrapped his entire right arm in a cloth and used another piece of cloth and tied the two ends together. She raised his head and placed one end of the sling against the back of his neck and placed his wrist in the other end. Looking him over again the Chansey pressed against his ribs and he yelped, "I thought you were supposed to take the pain away!"

    The Chansey shook her head, "Well, all you have is a broken arm and two broken ribs. You need more rest before you can head out there."

    Penance gritted his teeth, "My brothers need me! I can't just abandon them!"

    "All I'm saying is wait for a few minutes. In the meantime eat these oran berries. I'll let you go once these berries are gone."

    Penance grumbled as he began to eat the berries. Looking around Penance noticed Beserker on the ground, dead. Penance sighed in relief and continued chucking berries down his throat hoping that he could get to his brothers in time.