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    Ignitus was not surpirsed when the Gallade dodged her physical attack, although she was somewhat surprised when he used her for leverage, even while she was blazing with heat from her flame charge. No doubt that would leave the Gallade with some burns on his hands. Not that it would matter much, both Gold and Silver Tribe members could endure great pain.

    Ignitus skidded to a halt at the end of her attack, and spun around to find her foe, only to receive a glancing blow from another psycho cut. A glancing blow it may have been, but harde nontheless. The attack sent Ignitus skidding back a few more feet. She hadn't expected the Gold Tribe member to be so quick in releasing a counter attack, but she sould have expected it. By the time she recovered she found herself facing four Gallades, not just one anymore. Double team no doubt, if only she could figure out which one it was. Her enemy seemed to have stopped, waiting for her move, although Ignitus had no doubt that her opponent was up to some scheming.

    Ignitus stared at the four Gallades for a moment, considering which one was the correct one, then just mentally shrugged. Then she threw out the most powerful overheat she could muster, hoping to inflict damage to the correct foe. The intense heat eminated from her, hundreds, if not thousands of degrees of heated air pulsed out from her, affecting both friend and foe around her, and most importantly, the Gallade. The correct Gallade stagered for a moment under such intense heat, and the copies faded into oblivion. That is what Ignitus loved about overheat, it was not particularly powerful, and against a Gold Tribe member it would do next to nothing, but it exposed them and left them weaker and distracted.

    Now seeing her true foe, she launched another spray of shadow balls, if only to distract the Gallade, then she summoned her energy and used toxic on the Gallade. It would kill him slowly, but it would hinder him in battle and make him easier to defeat. If he did manage to escape her, the poison could keep him out of the battle later unless he found a healer. It would still slow the advance down though.

    As Ignitus aimed her toxic at the Gallade, she noticed two things. The first was the fact that Beserker was lying on the ground with numorous gashes across his body, and Bold Tribe members standing around him. Beserker was dead. Oh well. The second was an absol charging straight towards her, probably another Gold Tribe member. After sending out the toxic, the thick poison shooting off towards the Gallade, she turned her attention to the absol, and launched a quick flame thrower in his direction, spraying the attack to create more of a wall of fire. It wouldn't hold for long, and the fire would burn out in a few seconds, but it would buy her precious time to asess the situation.
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