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    (Alright, my first fanfic ever. Here goes nothing.)

    When Greg Thomas, a life-dissatisfied Pittsburgher, finds himself in the strange and dangerous world of Unova after a freak training accident, he must brave dangerous monsters, the aftermath of an ancient war between creatures of legend, the sudden loss of his family and life, and Unova's resident group of thugs, Team Plasma, with nothing but his Beretta, a wrench, and his wits in order to find a way back home. His resolve and way of thinking will be put to the test as Greg's life is put on the line for a world he doesn't even know or care about.

    So with further ado, I preset...

    The Ballad of Greg Thomas(rated T):


    Outside Stiraton City, in a forest clearing that had the city in eyesight, a male trainer with a fairly nondescript appearance(it was a personal pet peeve of his that people forgot about him) named Anthony was training his Pokemon, an Alakazam. It had just newly evolved from a Kadabra with the help of Hyper Rare Candy, one of Silph Co.'s newest, and some would say greatest, product. It was a vastly improved version of regular Rare Candy, designed as something to help Pokemon Trainers frustrated with constant losses. Ever since they announced it's research and development to the public, there had always been a huge following on it. Some people however were concerned, and protested about it's alleged side effects to Pokemon. There was even some fringe group, Team Plasma, or whatever they were called, who had called the item "A testament to people's callous disregard for the well being of Pokemon". Anthony seriously doubted those claims however, as not only had the Hyper Rare Candy didn't show any of the alleged side affects, Kadabra evolved into the Alakazam he was now with almost zero pain. "Those Team Plasma guys count be any more wrong about this Hyper Rare Candy", Anthony thought to himself.

    The Alakazam himself was enjoying his newly evolved form as the two were training. The Hyper Rare Candy had given him strength he couldn't believe. Almost all of his moves had evolved into more powerful version of what they were before! His Disable could prevent a Pokemon using two moves instead of one for the whole battle instead of just a measly few moments, Psybeam now was guaranteed to confuse the target along with it's massively upgraded power, and Protect could be used whenever he pleased, with no chance of failure. What most interested him and his trainer however, was his improved teleport move. It could, aside from telporting himself, Teleport other objects, including Pokemon and attacks. The uses were endless for this improved teleport! It was so full of potential, in fact, that the two had spent the past few hours solely on developing it.

    Already they were testing the improved Teleport in the forest clearing. They had started on simple small things, like pebbles and saplings, but were quickly moving on to things like thrown rocks, or even attacks like the Water Pulse from Anthony's Dewott(fortunately Water types are resistant to their own attacks, so the Dewott was not hurt significantly when he was blindsided by his own attack). The Dewott resented this, but understood it was for the team(it didn't hurt that Anthony had promised that it would get a Hyper Rare Candy too, even though they were rarer than Master Balls). It did not take long for the attack to show big potential.

    Then Anthony asked Alakazam to try to lift the enormous bolder that was in the clearing, which was about the size and weight of a Wailmer. This was going to be the final test of Alakazams new ability. It could do anything, lift Pokemon charging him, teleport himself out of harm's way, and even blindside enemy Pokemon with their own attacks! The duo could potentially have a move that could sweep the entire Pokemon League, from the new Gym Leaders in Stiration to Champion Alder himself! This ridiculous stunt was not a matter of "Why?", it was a matter of 'Why not?", when viewed in hindsight.

    "Alright Alakazam, here goes the final test! I'm going to be exited just seeing this in action!" Anthony said in encouragement

    "Alakazam!" His partner replied in anticipation and then went to work on the boulder.

    It took an enormous amount of concentration just to lift the huge rock up, let alone teleport it. The Alakazam still pressed on, with Anthony cheering along all the way, his encouragement bolstering the Alakazam. This was going to be the moment that started a rise into the Hall of Fame...

    However, Anthony had not read the warning label on the Hyper Rare Candy well enough. Side effects were a constant concern amongst the various scientists that created the item, and even though they had "ironed out the bugs" for the most part, Hyper Rare Candy did not like Psychic types. The various chemicals in it almost always interfered with the advanced brains of that type of Pokemon. Right now Anthony was learning this the hard way, as Alakazam was experiencing convulsions from said ingredients. The Alakazam still pressed on, not about to let this ruin his big moment. When he began to teleport the boulder, it disappeared in a bright flash, nowhere near their location.

    Anthony rushed to his partner and prayed to Arceus that he would be OK. When he reached him, Anthony checked his pulse, breathing and other vitals, and miraculously, everything was OK with the Alakazam. He lifted the Pokemon up onto his feet.

    "Thank goodness you're OK! Is everything alright?" Anthony asked, to which the Alakazam grunted as an "A-OK" signal.

    At that moment, a loud ripping sound from their sides emerged. The two looked at the source, and saw a glowing, light purple disk of energy forming, about 2.5 meters tall and 1 meter wide. There was little doubt it was a portal, caused by the teleporting of the boulder. The two approached it nervously, not knowing(or seeing) the other side. If movies had taught Anthony one thing, it was that it's never a good idea to approach dimensional gateways recklessly. Or leave them open, for that matter.

    "You think you can close that?" Anthony asked.

    "Alakazam!" his partner replied in confidence.

    Anthony flashed a thumbs up, and the Alakazam focused, his spoons glowing as he concentrated on the portal. It was going to be a long task, but not impossible. His focus, however, was broken by the sounds of what was apparently loud machinery, soon joined in by a constant and piercing "HONK!". Alakazam and his trainer bolted and never looked back, never catching a glimpse of the green performance sedan that sped through the portal and crashed head on into a tree, engine parts and other debris spraying everywhere...
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