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    Nikolai Afon - Somewhere above Europe

    Nikolai listened intently to the unfolding events. Annie had answered a cell phone call, and suddenly everything seemed to be panicked. Some other AUP agent was in trouble, somebody named Atticus, and something involving a car chase. They were speaking in English, and Nikolai could not keep up with so many words so fast. Thankfully, Natalia switched back to Russian, and the headache of translating disappeared. The two began arguing about him, and whether or not he should help. After a moment, Cooper called out from the pilot seat and said that Nikolai should, but he had already made up his mind. If he could help with his power, he would.

    From what he had gathered, he was needed to stop a car chase. Easier said than done. Many of a car's components were automated throguh computer control, but most would be useless to him. Changing the radio station for example would not be helpful at all. Other things may prove useful, like the anti-lock brake system, or perhaps the acceleration. Nevertheless, Nikolai quickly walked over to Annie, and looked at the computer screen, where she was making a connection to the computer on their agent's car. Nikolai closed his eyes and focused on the computer, allowing himself to be pulled once more into the world of technology.

    The link was already made to the target car, so finding that was easy. Knowing that he had little time to do what was necessary, he quickly formulated a plan. He stretched his mind out from the car, searching for one particular thing. He was not dissapointed. Within seconds of searching, the car blew through an intersection. Nikolai quickly switched from the car to the traffic grid through the traffic light. He quickly spread his mind out from there, reaching out as far as he could, displaying a mental picture of about a two mile radius represented by large dots of light that were intersections connected by lines, linking them together.

    From there he accesed the traffic cams, cycling through them as fast as he could comprehend them, until he found one where he saw a man reaching out of a window holding a gun. Well then, Nikolai thought, you must be my target. Nikolai searched once more, cycling through the traffic cams ahead of the friendly car until he found once more what he was looking for, a large semi hauling a large container, approaching an intersection where the two paths would intersect. Nikolai did some quick calculations, and nodded to himself. This would work.

    Nikolai then switched all of the traffic lights for a mile ahead of the AUP car green, making a clear path for them. Next, while still maintaining a connection with the traffic grid, he linked with the semi, and quickly cycled through his options. First, he told the computer in the car to desregard any signals from the brake pedals to the brakes. After that, he boosted the electronic power steering as far is it would go. Usually, the EPS is only slight, designed to make steering at slower speeds easier. But Nikolai made it so that the EPS was about twenty times stronger than it normally should be, and Nikolai hoped that it would be strong enough to overpower the driver as well.

    Nikolai ordered the computer to floor the accelerator, and he took control of the semi through the EPS, and watched it through the traffic cameras to steer. It was sluggish, no doubt because of teh driver trying to control his vehicle, but fortunately Nikolai had been able to boost the EPS to a high enough level. But the timing was off. Nikolai had planned for the heavy semi to T-bone the chase vehicle, but the chase vehicle was going much to fast, and sped through the intersection. The semi did manage to hit the chase vehicle at about the rear tire though, sending it into a spin out, where it then bumped into another car in the incoming lane. Confusion was everywhere, and to add to it, Nikolai threw every intersection that the AUP car had passed already into all green, and the city turned into mass traffic confusion as panicked drivers honked their horns.

    Nikolai gasped as he exited from the technology. He sucess had left him tired and exhausted. Ignoring Natalia and Annie, he sunk into a chair, only saying, "It's done."
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