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Joshua Meier – Syndicate Headquarters, Birmingham, England

Joshua was glad when Leon announced he was ready to get back to training, personally he was looking forward to training with Leon; his orders had been to teach Leon as much as he could in a single day, and more. It also meant that he was not breathing down the backs of the other scientists; they had been working on the project for over a week now, the date being well past their estimated completion. But then again, it was only an estimate. All he wanted was it to be finished, so it could be tested and used, the Boss was adamant that it needed to be constructed as soon as possible, after all the Blind Prophet had brought them the schematics….

Recovering from the train of thought, Joshua led Leon back into the control room and down the stairs to the training room. They had succeeded with the volleys, both had become tired trough the training due to lack of energy, but now reinvigorated by the food in his system, Joshua switched back into a training mode. The next thing on his agenda: splitting.

Again, he stood opposite Leon, a metre or two between them, “Now that you can volley with your electricity, we will move onto the next step. As with anything you will need to practice it outside of this training room, but for now I will teach you as much as possible.” He signalled to one of the workers in the overlooking window and they flicked a switch; two targets appearing out of holes in the wall.

“Now I want you to try splitting the energy inside yourself before firing it back out again. This will be extremely helpful when you have two or more targets; like now for instance,” he motioned to the targets, “you will need to break the electricity inside you, coagulating the two new forms of electricity in each hand then firing one at each other.” He mimicked the act with his hands, bringing them into a ball then pulling them apart. He was hoping Leon would be able to achieve something even close to this.

“When you’re ready,” he said to Leon, before standing behind him, out of range.
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