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I knew I was missing something, it was quick anyway. Thanks for reminding me, i'll add them in.

@Kiklion: Your SU is looking good, but there is just one thing bothering Skymin and myself, and that is your ability. The idea is good, but it is also quite vast, maybe only animals and not insects? Also I'm not so keen on the mythical/extinct animal part. If you could change this, then I will happily accept you.

@Everyone: Remember, your characters have only had abilities for a week, so they will have very little control over them. For instance Michael has only been able to see through things three times before, and all have been out of his control. The main idea of the Roleplay is about learning to control an ability; failure is most likely to happen. They shouldn't have much of a grip on the ability this early in the RP.

~Ichiro out.
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