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Originally Posted by tanaris33 View Post
To get SS ticket U have to defeat the Rijon League and just go to hayward city, there is a house a the left of the Big Mart, and there is a pokemon. Talk to him. Then he'll go in the machine. Turn on the computer. Now a guy get out of the machine. Talk to him and you'll get the SS ticket.
Can you tell me (within spoiler tags) what do you find in the S.S. Anne? I've found the ticket in the final dungeon, but I couldn't get to the ship 'cause it left...

Yes, i've beaten the whole game! It was awesome, I LOVED the Final Dungeon!

Final team:
- Charizard Lv. 92 (Fly, Dig, Flamethrower, Dragonbreath)
- Victreebel Lv. 90 (Wrap, Poisonpowder, Razor Leaf, Wood Hammer)
- Porygon Z Lv. 92 (Ice Beam, Psychic, Tri Attack, Noise Pulse)
- Golduck Lv. 91 (Surf, Skull Bash, Disable, Confusion - I know, it sucks)
- Steelix Lv. 91 (Strength, Sludge Bomb LOL, Slam, Fissure)
- Electivire Lv. 92 (Thunderpunch, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt)
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