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I've looked at the trends of the remakes and here they are, bearing in mind that these are the european release dates....
Pokemon Red and Blue=Roughly after 1996 Pokemon Leaf-Green and Fire-Red=2004
Pokemon Gold and Silver= 2001 Pokemon Heart-Gold and Silver=2010
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire= 2003 Pokemon _______ Ruby and _______ Sapphire=2013?
This means it will be a good chance that it will be released either this year or next year. XD
Originally Posted by Xeberos
But think about whole new graphics compared to R/S/E and 3D modeling. Meaby animated sprites and new moves(?), meaby some additions and new areas and Pokédex.
I totally agree with you there. Think of the possibilities that you can have with 3D 3rd Gen pokemon!
But then again, Flubb has a point. You kindda lose the originality of the generation.