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I definitely wish this section was more active. I used to post LP videos here and it was definitely fun, but seemed like it was only a small group who were interested. It's a shame too, seeing as how popular LP videos really are around YouTube and several other sites around the internet. I think the problem is that this site just doesn't hold the crowd for it. The majority of the people here are here for hacking or Pokemon discussion. Some of the users may not even be aware of a section for LPs.

As for the people who are interested in creating a LP series, I think the problem might be that:
  • They're self concious of their voice, which I can understand that seeing as I was that way when I posted videos here.
  • They don't think they can draw in a crowd.
  • They don't have the software.
  • They don't know how to go about recording themselves with commentary.
  • They don't know what to play. Being a community about pokemon, most people want to play a Pokemon game. Some people looking into making an LP series might think they're being unoriginal. I felt that way when I wanted to start a Platinum LP series.
  • They might see how other LPers don't recieve much feedback and fear they might not get any either. Most LPers get discouraged by this and quit making videos.
  • Some people might prefer picture/text based LPs but it requires A LOT of work.

Unfortunately since this is a sub-forum, it gets much less activity than the main forum it's under.
As far as suggestions go, this section could:
  • Make a few pinned threads regarding how to record an LP as well as a directory of software that could help them record their screen/voice.
  • Find a way to encourage the forum users to suggest games/challenges they would like to see people who want to create an LP series play. This could also tie in challenges, such as "Complete Super Metroid in under x hours" or "Nuzlocke Run Pokemon Ruby/Have the viewers suggest pokemon to use.
  • You could make a pinned thread full of common challenges people could take up while playing games and keep it open for other users to post challenges that aren't in the main post.
  • Give LP related badges. I received one before, I don't know if you guys still do that.
  • This is highly unlikely and I don't even know why i'm suggesting it because it will almost definitely be turned down, but give LPers and Reviewers a user tag after posting a significant amount of content and maintaining it in the section. This will definitely encourage activity, but may cause people to ask this for sections such as hacking and art. I remember an old site I was apart of provided users with a "Writer" title after creating 5 or more guides for their library, which ended up making the section a hit. It was also beneficial to the site as it had a lot of learning material.
  • Start group LPs, such as people playing on a Minecraft Server or playing an online game together. It's better when there's more people commentating!
  • Categorize threads better with post icons relevant to genre.
  • Find ways to make this subforum more prevalent, such as an announcement regarding recent happenings. There's a huge crowd for LPs on the internet, it's just the vast majority of them wouldn't know it to be here. Perhaps mention LPs somewhere in the New User section of the forum to let them know there's a section for that.
  • Encourage LPers to interact with the viewers more by asking questions/creating polls/responding to viewer comments.
  • Lastly, try to go do some research. Go check out other sites LP sections and see what they're doing differently.

Also I would like to address what most of the LPers are guilty of. I admit I used to be this way, but a lot of people advertise through annotations or within the video for viewers to subscribe or rate. This turns the viewers OFF from watching your videos. Remind LPers that you shouldn't be making these videos to become some Youtube hotshot, rather you do this because it's fun.

I've had the idea to start a new LP series rattling around in the back of my mind for a couple of months now. It's a lot more fun commentating while you play a game because it feels like you have a crowd. It tends to get you a lot more interested in what you're doing.
Just have fun with it, and when others see you're having fun with it they'll want to hop on board as well.