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“You're right, my throat was cut, and I collapsed as I was suddenly in horrible pain and didn't get any more air."

This gave me the shivers... x,x


"...become a slow, ugly Flareon... Forever..."



Zeph joined the team! Yay!
But uh...Black isn't really working on the PokéDex no more, huh?
Strangely, the only POKéMON he only 'caught' from the 'wild' is Lucius, while the others, 'cept for Octa, joined him on their will. =/ (no idea about Selene though)
Not that it's a bad thing, but Black now has two fire-types.
Aw well...


“You should be careful with that window,” said Selene, “it might hurt someone. Uncle Istvan always used to say they were watching him, and look what happened to him...”
“Oh, what happened to him?” Boreas asked.
Selene nodded. “Indeed.”
A silence fell.

this really made me laugh out loud, and I hate you for that.
everyone around me thought I went nuts, 'cause I broke the silence here. xD


Octa nodded. “Indeed. There is very little possibility in between those two with you. Evidently Diego hates you. While I, for example, I...” his voice trailed off.
“You?” asked Boreas.
“Well, I don't.”
Boreas smiled. “Thanks, that really means a lot to me.”
“And that's from the heart. I really do... not hate you,” he scraped his throat.

lol xD


Aw, I feel really bad for Toxica.


Another great re-read.
No action, but it's not bad.

Keep at it~

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