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Great. Another farm town.
Yeah, I hear him... living in a hick town out in the middle of nowhere sucks the big one...

The women strolled around in dresses and frilly skirts, accentuating their long, shining hair with bows and ribbons.
Lisa approves of this fashion style

‘Course we’ve got Holiday Inn ‘n stuff downtown
Yeah, I vowed never to stay at one of those after they tried to rip us off out of over $200... on two separate occasions.

God, I had a professor like Lona... worked the class to the bone, no sense of humor, didn't listen to any opinion not his own... I didn't think holding trainers over for a week was permitted, tbh. In any event, right now I don't like her and I think she's a prick. But that's okay... every story needs an annoying prick or two... mine had the nerd that challenged Lisa to all those math battles

Some, I’ve heard, serve as nothing more than pit stops, and are more concerned about pushing their trainers on into the next city than whether or not they actually improve their skills.
Y'know, maybe if Bertha had a regular GYM and, I dunno, dedicated OVERNIGHT ACCOMODATIONS, she wouldn't have to rush trainers along. being a bit hard on her, perhaps?

Though one thing keeps concerning me. If the league has such a budget shortfall, why don't they cut back on the hotels. Sure, trainers need a place to stay, but the league's providing Sheraton levels of accomodations when all trainers need are basic, Red Roof Inn type lodging. Even Lisa would normally stay at more modest Sleep Inn and Quality Inn type places.

Oooh, Michael's got insider information! Wonder how much more data Leroy has collected. And what Lona's... unique... style of training is and how our plucky protagonists are going to deal with the situation. What worries me more is that Lona seems like the type who might do some background checks on Michael and Henry... she just has that attitude and now more or less has the boys held hostage in town for a week...

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