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Started up my new Black Version, and immediately named my character Kevin. Since that is my name, I figured it would be appropriate. I immediately chose Tepig and named him Cray (My sis was blasting That ish cray on her ihome). On the first route, I decided I wanted a Lillipup, therefore I got one. Nicknamed him Derp (I love derpiness). Finally, entering the first city with a gym, I went to the dreamyard and got a Pansage that I thought I would need. After training, I defeated the gym leader with this team:

I assumed three Pokemon this early on was too much to train, so I decided to make Pansage (nicknamed Lawl) my HM slave (or just cut slave). After defeating Cheren once more, and saving the little girl's Pokemon, my Cray evolved! Then, a dust cloud appeared and out came a Drilbur. I very much wanted an Excadrill in the future, so I took my chance and caught it! Bam. He's nicknamed Finnick (I was thinking about my favorite character from The Hunger Games). Before I battled Lenora, I took my opportunity to train my fresh team, and took it right outside Pinwheel Forest.

With my higher leveled team ready to go, I took on Lenora and after one loss, I defeated her. With my second badge in hand, Team Plasma took their chance to steal something from the museum. We chased them down until we got the dragon's skull back and I got a moon stone for my actions. Finally, I arrived in Castelia City where I am now saved and resting.

My team:

Finnick Lvl 21; Cray Lvl 23; Derp Lvl 21