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I went to Route 8 and received a Heat Rock from the Parasol Lady, taught my Ferrothorn Gyro Ball and showed her to the lady in Driftveil City and she gave me a Heart Scale, I then went to Castelia City and picked up a Casteliacone as well as receive a Rawst Berry for showing my Chandelure to the Harlequin in Studio Castelia.

I am now battling against the Trainers in Big Stadium.

My team is:

This post here is my 1000th Unova Travel Journal entry, so well done to me!

I collected a few items in Dust Clouds, including a Leaf Stone to evolve my Exeggcute into Exeggutor.

Also, my Skorupi evolved into Drapion.

I also battled Austin at the Ferris Wheel using my new Drapion and he won against Austin's Swoobat. I'm about to ride on the Ferris Wheel.
Going away for a while.