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...the powerful black piece just sat there between his white pieces while he

was at a big disadvantage with less material.
Aqua having the black pieces while Boreas having the white pieces somehow made me

think of N having Zekrom and Black (soon) having Reshiram.


And he won the game of chess.
I think that was his very first win at chess, right? xD

also, I somehow think it's a sign... hm...


Why kind of jerk tells a girl he likes her,
That should have been a 'what', right?
'What' makes more sense, at least, for me. =/


She had a better idea: she jumped onto the bed angrily, making Octa yelp as

she landed on top of him, so she could talk normally yet feel like she was shouting

at him because they were so close by it sounded like it.
I don't find that satisfying than shouting at someone you're angry at.
For me, at least.


Things are really bad when your mind thinks you've got five hands... she

Well, she does have five petals, anyway.


Boreas' frown contrasted Zeph's broad grin. “Classy, Zeph. I'll slap you if

you ever make that joke again.”
lol xD


I was eager to know who was Zeph trying to impress... =/


...the way he was dragging his feet over the ground was really getting on his

Really... Lifting your feet while walking is so damn easy and simple, yet too lazy to

Seeing and hearing those things irritates me...a lot. xD


"...We need to travel to Nacrene so she can tell us, as X-transceiver

conversations could be monitored by Team Plasma..."
Then, may I ask, how did Black got the information? o.o
Video call in the PokéCenter, like in the animé, perhaps?
Or did Lenora just called him and told him she knew where it was, and left it at

that, so no more further information could be transmitted over?


A private conversation with Boreas.
Wonder what they're talking about.


Another great re-read.
I find it nice that you included Toxica's and Octa's little drama in the fic.

Keep at it~!
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