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    Originally Posted by [Snivy Baroque] View Post
    I would like to join please, just to show off my Pride
    Hey, welcome to the club :3
    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    You bring up a really interesting question Ty.. and all I can say is that personally I find I can find a guy more attractive when he wears something that accentuates his male figure. Like a fitted suit that is tailored to fit his wide shoulders and all that. So I'm curious to ask if people who find a sort of sexual attraction thing to crossdressing.. is it because a guy in a dress accentuates his femininity? Would you say some people find that sort of attractiveness in the ambiguity of gender? (Some people like girly guys so they think it's more attractive to see them in something frilly.. or the same with tomgirls?) I dunno.. I can only really answer for myself but I'm curious as to what other people are attracted to in regards to that.
    For me, I am sexually attracted towards crossdressers. I also have the same attraction towards tomboys. However, this isn't the limits to what I'm sexually attracted too. Its hard for me to give a list of examples of what I think is hot and what I don't think isn't. I would need to see an image of the person in order to say yay or nay.
    Please note though that this isn't the only reason why I'm interested in crossdressing. While I do think it looks more sexually appealing, I don't have that as the only option. I've always liked femininity (but hid it away inside myself for the past decade), I've always thought girls clothing is more attractive looking than guys, and a lot of girls clothing is more comfortable to me. (Such as skirts for example).

    I don't know how else I could really respond to this actually, so I'm responding to my best. Its always hard to explain how I sexually feel towards someone.

    EDIT: A few things.
    First off, I think this is my favorite thread in the site. :3 I like being open about my sexuality <3
    Second off, I got this from serebii
    Third off, Is there any words for transgendered people that you guys feel as insulting? A lot of terms feel to have negative feeling to them for me such as tranny, shemale, and even transvestite. Does anyone prefer the other terms, or do they not care?