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Eternity City

As Calamity approached TrueStriker, Ignitus turned and noticed him closing in.

Damn, he thought in his mind. He had hoped to get the drop on the Sentinel and get a good hit or two before she could recover and hit back, but it wasn't the case. Instead, Calamity was faced with a spraying of Flamethrower heading his direction. He did his best to dodge the bulk of the attack, but the Sentinel's execution and speed was much greater than his own. The attack hit his mark, and the Absol grunted in pain, a slight burn developing on the side of his front left foot. Fortunately, the main point of the attack was to keep Calamity away, so it was not aimed directly at the Absol.

Fire was around the area, and Calamity was at an impasse for a moment as he waited for the fire to die down. As he waited, he could hear TrueStriker's telepathy at work.

Watch out for poison. Don't expect me to stick around for too long.

It gave enough info to know that Ignitus has poison attacks, so when the wall of fire died down, he would need to avoid both her fire attacks and poison ones. It also suggestion Hanso might have been poison.

As the flames died down, Calamity saw the Gallade charging in with double team clones at the Flareon. Calamity decided to assist now, aiming at the Sentinel with a powerful Thunder. The attack charged around the Absol, and was release in a bolt of yellow energy, as fast as...well, lightning.


Speculum attacked a charging Bastiodon with a Razor Leaf, but it only slowed him down. The Pokemon kept charging, and Speculum launched another Razor Leaf. The Pokemon was finally brought down, but a Carracosta was right next to him. Speculum launched a Leaf Blade at the Pokemon, and it immediately fell too. Speculum smirked confidently. Most of the Ancients were rock and water types, perfect against his Grovyle form.

Unfortunately, strong as his attacks may be, it didn't help if more kept coming at him. Many were still quite strong. As the Carracosta fell, a Kabutops, a Rampardos, and an Omastar went in from behind. Not being quick enough to react, Speculum settled with aiming for them individually, and would suffer the burden of enduring the other two's attacks afterward. He aimed for the Carracosta, bringing it down relatively quickly, but the other two overwhelmed him and force him back with a Slash and a Take Down. Speculum fell hard on the ground.

"Oww..." He muttered to himself. "That's what I get for gloating..." The Two Ancients closed in, preparing to deliver another set of attacks. Speculum raised his arm in hopes of cushioning the blows, closing his eyes and covering them as he prepared for the hits.

They never came. Speculum heard two swipes, and when he opened his eyes, the Pokemon were on the ground, and "Rey" had his claws raised in a pose. The Rebel leader turned to the awestruck Speculum, and offered him a hand up. Speculum accept, and as he stood, Speculum thought he caught a smile on the hooded face.

"Thanks." Speculum said. "Rey" simply nodded, then pointed to the far side of the battle. The Ditto-Grovyle squinted his eyes to see what he was pointing at to see it was Zane and Gladius fighting off foes.

"Right! Let's rejoin Vigil and Sword and Shield!"

"Rey" nodded again, and darted forward.

He's fast, thought Speculum in his mind. Replicus charged behind him, and the two Pokemon wreaked havoc on Ancients in their way. The other rebel Pokemon followed behind in their footsteps.

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