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Originally Posted by lewieboy124 View Post
I've looked at the trends of the remakes and here they are, bearing in mind that these are the european release dates....
Pokemon Red and Blue=Roughly after 1996 Pokemon Leaf-Green and Fire-Red=2004
Pokemon Gold and Silver= 2001 Pokemon Heart-Gold and Silver=2010
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire= 2003 Pokemon _______ Ruby and _______ Sapphire=2013?
This means it will be a good chance that it will be released either this year or next year. XD

I totally agree with you there. Think of the possibilities that you can have with 3D 3rd Gen pokemon!
But then again, Flubb has a point. You kindda lose the originality of the generation.
Yup, I would enjoy the 3d, but I would rather have it on ds so people don't have to buy a 3ds lol,both versions would be good, but its not gonna happen .

btw Gold and silver is 2000, I guess there is a high possibility it could be released next year :D

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