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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
You bring up a really interesting question Ty.. and all I can say is that personally I find I can find a guy more attractive when he wears something that accentuates his male figure. Like a fitted suit that is tailored to fit his wide shoulders and all that. So I'm curious to ask if people who find a sort of sexual attraction thing to cossdressing.. is it because a guy in a dress accentuates his femininity? Would you say some people find that sort of attractiveness in the ambiguity of gender? (Some people like girly guys so they think it's more attractive to see them in something frilly.. or the same with tomgirls?) I dunno.. I can only really answer for myself but I'm curious as to what other people are attracted to in regards to that.
For me I find there's something attractive about confidence so I can totally see someone who crossdresses as attractive. You gotta have that if you're going to wear clothes made for other people. I guess that's more of a personality thing than a physical thing, but still, confidence and generally looking nice are both attractive and you don't see as many sloppy crossdressers as you do non-crossdressers. So yeah, I guess in my mind a person who crossdresses has confidence and style. Plus, with guys who crossdress anyway, there's usually that added element of beautifying themselves with makeup and whatnot that, if done right, can bring out someone's good looks.

Originally Posted by Ctrl.Alt.Geak View Post
While I'm still not 100% sure of what I fall under right now I still want to throw in my opinion.
I feel less insulted by the names but more by the 'black and white' ideals that some people have. That is to say, I'm not overly bothered personally when someone says "tranny" in my presence so long as its not said in a hateful context but when people start saying things like "You were born female so you have to dress female. Dressing as a male/binding is just wrong." I must admit it gets to me (I know that sounds overly sensitive).
That doesn't sound overly sensitive. It's a perfectly understandable and reasonable response. I mean, someone saying that is trying to dictate how you express yourself, trying to tell you that they know more about you than you do, and that's just ridiculously wrong.