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Name: Ober
Partner Pokemon: Venomoth
Reason for Joining: Dude, dude. Mostly because of gaming. Since I've started doing challenges long time ago poison pokemons were always, good. I really like to always have one. If I remember correctly, now I have Venomoth third time in challenges, if I add not-challenge related saves...erm, much more, indeed! Also, there is a lot of part-poison Pokemons, which means lots of great combinations, and also variety of attacks...damnyo! And hey, hey - most of them are just like, awesome. And dude, dude, hey dude, madman, there is nothing more to say. Yay.

And also, let me le answer this:

New topic: 'What do all Poison Pokemon have in common?'
This feeling like, overwhelming power, wrath and pure fear, something like, "Hey, hey, I am deciding about your life now, dude. I can for example use Toxic and make you suffer unimaginable pain and you will be dead three times in a row, fwahahaha! Or hey, hey, I can just annihilate your face with my psychic powers or, or maybe crush you with le Solarbeam, and even much more and whatchagonnado now huh?!" Dunno but it's :D