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    About finding crossdressing attractive; I'm typically a lesbian but I think feminine guys or guys in cute girl clothing, or with bows or braids in their hair, are just really really really cute. xD
    Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
    Third off, Is there any words for transgendered people that you guys feel as insulting? A lot of terms feel to have negative feeling to them for me such as tranny, shemale, and even transvestite. Does anyone prefer the other terms, or do they not care?
    Well first off (lol third off first off), almost nothing really offends me, but as for what I find offensive or insensitive, no actual words bother me even remotely. Actually I find "tranny" and "trap" to be funny and cute despite that they're supposed to be insults. I would only find it an insult if someone used a hateful or condescending tone, and in that case it wouldn't matter what words they used.

    Now, aside from that, I agree with this post:

    Originally Posted by Ctrl.Alt.Geak View Post
    I feel less insulted by the names but more by the 'black and white' ideals that some people have. That is to say, I'm not overly bothered personally when someone says "tranny" in my presence so long as its not said in a hateful context but when people start saying things like "You were born female so you have to dress female. Dressing as a male/binding is just wrong." I must admit it gets to me (I know that sounds overly sensitive).
    Also the whole "used to be a guy/girl", "wants to be a woman/man", "became", "pretending" thing. Improper terminology also bugs me but I force myself to be understanding since it's unreasonable to expect the general populace to know all this terminology about something, especially if it's something they've only barely heard of.

    Offtopic: Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Why wub joo all!

    #167: Spinarak - The String Spit Pokémon
    Bug/Poison ~ Bug eggs
    1'08" ~ 18.7lbs ~ 50/50

    It lies still in the same pose for days in its web,
    waiting for its unsuspecting prey to wander close.

    Abilities: Swarm or Insomnia or Sniper
    Moves: String Shot, Scary Face, Shadow Sneak, Pin Missile
    Locations: Routes 2, 30, 31, 37 (night)
    Other names:

    jp: イトマル (Itomaru)
    de: Webarak
    fr: Mimigal
    ko: 페이검 (Pe'igǒm)