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Originally Posted by rave of shaggy View Post
An alternative to the Let's Play series could be just Long Plays. this will allow people who is shy about their voices and do not have the software or knowlege about recording commentary to allow them to put their videos up.

taken from wikipedia :
A longplay is a play-through of a video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough. Also, for people unable or unwilling to play a certain game, yet wish to know and experience its story, a longplay can be viewed simply as a long digitally animated movie. Unlike speedruns, there is no time constraint aside from those imposed by bandwidth/filesize concerns.

The defining characteristic of a longplay is that few shortcuts, if any, are taken to finish the game. Dull moments may be ultimately edited out of the final video, and sidequests may be ignored, but in general every task necessary to reach the end is to be recorded, including cutscenes.

Another suggestion could be having pokemon community website make it own youtube accoutn to showcase all the let's play videos and other videos .
I didn't know there was a long play category. That's how my Kirby 64 play through was without even realizing it.

And as for that second suggestion, I didn't like it at first glance, but now that I think about it that might be a pretty good idea.
There are channels like this on YouTube already such as NintendoBuzz that's basically hub for all Nintendo Related LP series on their site from a variety of different users. It's a good way to get people to watch a variety of LPers, and it could bring in YouTubers to the community.

The thing is the LPers make separate series for that channel only, rather than re-upload a video from their own channel to the community channel.

This would require someone dedicated to keep it up, though.

Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
Ok guys, been thinking and such and these are some of the things I have got in mind. Been a good moderator and writing it all down! XD
  • Beginners Guide - Includes such things as good practise, what you can use out there, tips on uploading, so on so on. (Would be covering everything that goes into planning, making, uploading, as well as what software is available to you and so on for this, so will take some time).
  • Challenges and Events - Challenges would be I set a certain game that people have to complete in a set amount of time or do a challenge in one aspect of the game. Events would be around the same but bigger, so something much wide scale and longer over a period of time.
  • Announcements - Forum wide this would be, get more traffic and such. Can't obviously spam the forum as a whole, but one every now and then when big events are on, which could hopefully hold members intrest long term.
  • EMBLEMSSSSS - Always a fun one. I have created emblems that are ready to rock n' roll, with existing ones in the system. These can range from being given out on events/contests/challenges only, to regular activity to outstanding LPs, but this is for my desecration. Not going to make it obvious am I.

That is what I have just thinking for a bit, not much, but something I can work on.

I am struggling to think of how to get more members to post in other peoples threads. Anyone got any ideas? It isn't as easy as it sounds when you really think about it.
Sounds good, i'll be sure to participate in the events!
As for getting people to post in threads, that's a tough one...You can't force people to post in threads, so this might be something that has to be left to the thread owner in making sure they're providing interesting content or a reason for viewers to respond to their thread.

All I can think of is to encourage the LPers to be proactive in their threads by asking the viewers questions and chit-chatting with them.

OH CRAP, Why didn't I think of this sooner? Remind the users to find a nice but catchy way to advertise their LPs in their signatures!
This worked out well for me when I was doing LPs. I made a nice banner linking to the thread in my signature so that way when I posted elsewhere in the forum other people would see it.
Usually people will just make a text link but that tends not to catch peoples attention as much as a banner.
Maybe someone (Me?) could make a variety of different generic signature banners that LPers could use to advertise their thread(s).