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    Penance Malum

    Penance shoveled down the last of the oran berries and squirmed as the Chansey finished looking him over. "Alright. Most of your injuries aren't as serious now. The arm will have to stay in the splint until it heals and it looks like your ribs are healed. The berries are still working on fixing your body so as long as you don't get pummeled you should be back to perfect health in a few minutes. Just make sure not to get hit too hard in you arm and ribs. They will still be very tender after they are healed and a powerful attack could break them again. Other than that there's nothing more I can do."

    Penance gave her a quick thank you as he started off to where the battle was. As he ran through the area Penance suddenly felt very fatigued. He managed to lean against a wall and panted. Looking around he noticed the bodies of both Soldiers and Ancients littered around. The fighting wasn't too far away, but for now he had to catch his breath.

    Penance forced himself to stand back on his feet and took deep, slow breaths. He had to pace himself. The Chansey had said that the berries were still working. At the present he just had to make sure his only opponents were the Ancients. Once the berries healed him he could find his brothers and help them take out the other Sentinels. He steadied himself and continued running until he saw the Ancients. Penance shot out some water pulses and began moving through the chaos.

    Penance made sure to stay on his guard and not get swarmed as he moved around the battlefield. Just as he finished sending a water pulse at a Aerodactyl Penance spotted Vigil in the crowd. "Vigil!" Penance shouted. At that moment a Kabutops charged at him and attempted to slice him with its scythes. Penance barely dodged the attack as the Kabutops instead sliced through Penance's splint. Penance jumped back and moved his arm blinking in suprise. Looked like the berries had finished their job. "Thanks for that!" Penance shouted at the Ancient before blasting it with a water pulse. Penance concentrated and grabbed an Omastar with his confusion attack and slammed it onto the ground. He didn't even feel an inch of fatigue.

    "Vigil, I'm going to find the others!" He shouted as he moved through the crowd, blasting any ancients that blocked his path. Penance suddenly heard a roar of pain. He looked over and saw Sword and Shield being pinned by some Ancients with a Carracosta biting his head. "Hey leave him alone!" Penance shouted as he shout out multiple water pulses at the Ancients. Most of them turned and headed straight for Penance. Penance grabbed the Carracosta with confusion and slammed its body into the other ancients, knocking them off of Sword and Shield. As Penance finished up with the Ancients he suddenly saw some fire in the middle of the battlefied. None of the ancients knew fire attacks and none of his brothers knew fire attacks either, that meant that he had just found the second sentinel! "Sword and Shield head to the fire! It's a Sentinel!" He shouted as he ran to where he had last seen the flames.