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Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
^Hmm, I use pie for things. I call Ashley all sorts of names that end with 'pie' <3

Wanted to say one more thing. When I think of a 'trap', I think of anime/manga characters who crossdress or are transgendered. I don't find that word insulting, and I actually think its pretty cute ^.^

Really, a lot of 'trap' artwork on sites like gel/safe booru are very adorable <3

EDIT - While this thread is nice and all, I do need to ask. I'm looking for an online community that has a target auidence towards transexuals, cross dressers, or just the LGBTS moment in general. I would really like to see more personal experinces and see how other people live through it. While pudz is awesome for sharing her story, I would like to communicate with others.
So does anyone know any site at all?
I would also recommend Empty Closets. It's a site I just found a few days ago, and while it's not specifically for transexuals, it definitely has quite a few of them on the site. It's geared more toward helping people with their problems rather than just being a community though.

Well, I have no clue why, but I really feel like I should tell my dad now. As in, I had a nervous breakdown last night because I couldn't get up the courage to do it.

So, we're going to the store now, and I'm hopefully going to tell him. If all goes well, he won't swerve into a tree and kill us. lol (He's told me that he supports gays and thinks that we should be able to get married and all that, so I think I'll be fine.)