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    Gladius Clipeum

    The weight of several Ancients were unbearable, especially if one of them is biting your head, another pinning him down with his sharp scythes and another sending Rock Blasts on his face. Within moments, Gladius felt hot blood flowing from his nose.

    "Hey leave him alone!" a voice said from afar. A nearly unconscious Gladius heard it. It sounds so familiar. A few moments later, he felt several drops of water on him. The weight on his whole body seemed to be lifted. With much effort, Gladius tried to open his eyes.

    Defender was well already. Apparently, the Alpha Alliance medics were good at what they do, having Defender up and running again, after a few hours. The Golduck fired off a confusion attack, sending the Carracosta slamming with its tribe. Gladius could have given the Golduck a small smile, of not for the pain he is feeling his whole face. Defender looked up to a distance.

    "Sword and Shield head to the fire! It's a Sentinel!" Defender shouted, clearly oblivious to the fact that Gladius is lying on the mud, bleeding. Defender ran off. Gladius assumed that his brother is going to assist in defeating yet another Sentinel. Armoid was down. Gladius hoped that was enough to turn the tides.

    He tried to stand up, despite being battered and bruised. He winced in pain, as his body inched upward. "Arceus sake, why now?" Gladius' face is twisted in pain. He stood erect, blood pouring from his face, his right eye was swollen, his left arm limp. I survived a Sentinel skirmish, and yet I nearly died in the hands of a mere ancient? With the true pride of a Gold Tribe member, Gladius started to walk, even if every bone in his body shrieked in protest. A fire erupted to where Defender ran off. That is where I am suppose to go. And he continued, fueled by his Gold Tribe pride.

    But, nothing lasts forever. Gladius "Sword and Shield" Clipeum, like all men injured beyond immediate repair, fell, his consciousness slipping away from him.

    (OOC: Gladius is not dead! He is merely in a coma-like state. )

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