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Penance Malum

Penance had been running when the ground suddenly shook with a loud thud. At first Penance looked around, wondering if another Sentinel had showed up, and then he spotted Sword and Shield face down on the ground. Penance groaned and ran to his brother. He shook his shoulder, "Sword and Shield get up! Come on! You've been though much more than this!" He reached under the Snorlax and tried to push him up but his brother's weight alone caused Penance to fall down on his rump. "Okay... *pant*... you're heavy."

The ancients that had been fighting nearby noticed Sword and Shield and began heading toward the two. Penance groaned, "Oh, come on!" He readied some water pulses and fired them off of the growing crowd. The only problem was that with Sword and Shield's big body he had to constantly run around blasting any ancients that got too close. Penance suddenly had an idea and began to climb on top of the Snorlax, "Sorry for this brother."

Now on the high ground Penance was able to cover all the areas of Sword and Shield. For a while he was just throwing water pulses when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right arm. Penance cried out in pain but still sent out water pulses with his good hand. The oran berries had healed his injuries, but his energy was still drained from his fight with Beserker. He had to pace himself, if he didn't he would join Sword and Shield on the ground. He managed to throw some Omastar with his Confusion attack when his vision began to sway. Penance shook his head and continued firing off water pulses with is good hand, every so often using his right hand to fire off a pulse.

It seemed that Penance's efforts were in vain though. For each ancient he knocked down two more took its place. Some soldiers had finally noticed his dilemna and were trying to stem the flow of ancients heading to Sword and Shield but they were vastly outnumbered. Penance breathing slowly descended from light panting to heavy gasping breaths. He had never fought so many ancients before, but he needed to protect Sword and Shield!

Vigil, Hoodhide, Calmity... Someone... anyone.

All Penance could do for now was continue attacking and hope that he wouldn't black out again.