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Welcome new members! :) Also the trivia was answered, the answer was 8!

Originally Posted by Ober View Post
This feeling like, overwhelming power, wrath and pure fear, something like, "Hey, hey, I am deciding about your life now, dude. I can for example use Toxic and make you suffer unimaginable pain and you will be dead three times in a row, fwahahaha!
... My gosh this is brilliant. x] Such passion B)

As for what all Poison types have in common... I think I'd have to say it's the fearsome stature they can easily take on :3 Poison types have no trouble looking scary in my opinion. Especially based on what Ober said!

New topic: 'Which is your favourite Poison type family?'

Mine is Grimer and Muk! <3 They're sooo cool. Grimer is adorable and looks amazing, whereas Muk is an unstoppable brute that powers through enemies easily! Although I also love Gulpin/Swalot, Trubbish/Garbodor and Foongus/Amoonguss for the exact same reasons. :3