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    Hi everyone!

    First of all, I want to thank you for your generous reviews. I was not at all expecting to receive such detailed analysis and I'm thrilled to have readers like you guys.

    Thank you for pointing out the preferences about spoiler tags, I will be sure to upload future chapters without those.

    Moving on, there are some outstanding questions that deserve replies!

    Regarding Virgil's Name
    Does this have something to do with Dante's Divine Comedy? It all kind of fits in place, the main character having the name Virgil and venturing out to save his soul (completely basing this off the forward), oh and there's Beatrice in here! Beatrice the wurmple. Not much of an angel guardian is she?
    Briefly touching on the whole Divine Comedy thing, I'm not certain I particularly see any parallels between this Virgil and that one, other than the fact that both are surrounded by trees at the beginning. I'd be more inclined to believe that Virgil's just named after the real Virgil, a fictionalised version of whom is Dante's guide through the afterlife in the Comedy. Alternatively, there might be no link at all and you just like the name 'Virgil' - and why not? It's a good, hearty Roman name, and you can't say fairer than that.
    EDIT: Ooh, Dante. Hmm, interesting. I see . . .
    Yes, Virgil is named after the sage who guides Alighieri through the afterlife in The Divine Comedy. It would probably be more appropriate to name him 'Dante', but I decided that name had too many associations with the Devil May Cry series and EA's hack-n-slash video game, and I didn't want those characters to colour the reader's interpretation - hence, Virgil.

    I should point out that I've only read halfway through The Inferno, so anyone looking for a point-for-point retelling of Dante's epic may be disappointed.

    oh and there's Beatrice in here! Beatrice the wurmple. Not much of an angel guardian is she?
    Very true, Beatrice has a lot of growing up to do.

    Each pokemon that Virgil befriends has borrowed the name (and sometimes personality) from a specific fictional character. Consider it a bit of a scavenger hunt to discover the significance.
    With Beatrice, you could say she's named after Dante's love, but she might also call out to another fictional character with insect associations. Just sayin'.

    Regarding our Protagonist
    Wow, I really did like this. Mostly for its originality, I have to say. I am extraordinarily used to seeing fics that parody the game's storyline, but this level of sheer . . . well, cynicism is rarely seen. This fic could potentially go many different ways, ranging from non-stop hilarity to all-out mind****. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of both.
    Furthermore, as has been pointed out, the cynicism is fantastic here: it's not the frankly cloying angst of most dark stories out there; it's not the bland happiness of the more traditional sort; and it's not the mild (or in some cases extreme) lunacy typical of some of the comedies. It's novel and refreshing, and in a canon flooded with generic stories, that's probably one of the most welcome things that I can think of.
    Phew! I am so relieved to hear that everyone is enjoying Virgil. My intention is to write a very unheroic protagonist, and I'm trying to find a good balance that will produce a compelling jerk. I hope I can continue to work this tightrope act.

    No one has lived in Littleroot longer than five years, and while groups will introduce each other as "brothers", "sisters" or "parents and children", just looking at the spectrum of flesh tones informed me that the happy families of Littleroot were all informal adoptions.
    This passage contradicts with your ending, since you said everyone lives forever in Littleroot but no one has lived there for more than five years. I guess it's correctly assuming no one dies...
    Chapter two should clarify the 'five year' rule.

    Does the healing only apply to Littleroot and around it or all of Hoenn? I guess it could only apply to Littleroot since it's magical and all, but that could just be Hoenn as we haven't seen the rest of Hoenn yet.
    You can heal regardless of your location.

    Virgil's a funny kid, I think. I'm very curious to see what's up with his face - that's good narrative technique by the way, hinting at something wrong with it like that - and his mysterious past only sweetens the deal. (Oh my God, referencing things seems to have become pathological with me. I'm so sorry.)
    I can promise you that we will eventually have a proper look at Virgil's face, but for now I'll stick to teasing There's a lot of world-building I need to do in these first few chapters, and I keep re-scheduling Virgil's physical descriptions.

    In terms of future post, I'm first going to shuffle around the first few chapters - removing spoiler tags and establishing a 'table of contents'. After that, I have a second chapter ready to deliver. It should be up by tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone who's read so far!

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