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Chapter 3.5 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

"The topic on who bit me will never matter. It happened, it couldn’t be prevented, and it cannot be reversed. Perhaps that would be a good thing? My magical properties have strengthened after all. I’ve always been a sickly girl…”

Eyes keeping up with Raike’s movements, I watched him abandon his chair in favor of the comfortable bed. Seeing the puff of smoke wisp out from between his lips, I couldn’t help but wonder just how powerful of a fire wizard he could be, and how useful he may prove to be. Still, I kept my seating; turning so my back was facing him. “Comrade… Very well.” It had a nice ring to it. “I will stay outside your way unless it will affect you or my other allies in a negative way. Needless to say, if you decide upon doing something which is strikingly dangerous, I would suggest letting me know.”

As for how he would do his best to keep me alive…”More difficult than it may seem… But shall may I. Do try not to involve yourself in Ryuu. I refuse to deal with the demon until the games begin.”

Carefully, I rose to my feet; mindfully slipping away from the chairs to stand over at Raike’s bedside. I could see the demonic symbol glowing lightly on his neck. “Let’s try a little reverse psychology, shall we? The Game Master can be rather dim when it comes to who the enemies and friends are. It’ll be fun and beneficial.” I leaned down and balanced myself on the bed with my palms. “Pretend to loathe me. Try not to overdo the acting. I am awful at pretending magic. Attacking would mean me going on the defensive, and neither of us should be injured when going into the arena.” I inhaled deeply. “Throw me a rough time. Cuss, if it’s a part of your personality. The goal is to catch Natruo’s attention. A great reaction would be for him to believe you’re a strong enemy against me. If he offers you anything, take it. I want to know what he has planned, because he probably has the same thing happening with the other males. This is the only place where we will talk as comrades, before the arena.”

I straightened up, and pulled an envelope from underneath the belt at my waist. I balanced it on Raike’s chest. “Homework, if you will. Study and memorize the contents and if you can, smuggle it into the arena.” I took my leave; slipping away to his door. “Good night, Raike. Sleep well.”


Once Bernkastel had left, the tattoo disappeared, and Mammon manifested herself beside Raike; taking the envelope before he could even handle it. Licking her lips in curiosity, she ripped open the top neatly, and pulled out two sheets of folded paper. “The heck..?”

The first sheet was a carefully drawn diagram of an area; complete with measurements per kilo mile, check points, and places of interest. The second piece of paper was a letter written by Bernkastel.

Sighing, Mammon gave the sheets to Raike. “How boring…”

OOC: Both pieces of paper will be referenced in the Chapter 4 write-up. No characters except Raike may have the knowledge of its existance, and/or what is written on it.
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