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    Originally Posted by JalordaSerpent7 View Post
    Pokémon: Secrets of the Aura

    Official Thread of Pokémon: Secrets of the Aura

    Pokémon: Secrets of the Aura

    Hello, fellow PC members! Welcome to my second try on creating a Pokémon fan-game, Pokémon: Secrets of The Aura! I am currently the only member part of Team SecretAura. I am creating this game so, well, mainly I'll have something to get my mind off of Christmas. But, after starting this game, I realized that this time I hope I may get farther than I got on my first try at a Pokémon fan-game, Pokémon: Swords of Mystery. So, I hope you like my game and enjoy yourself playing it!:D

    The Book of Secrets

    Winneon wasn't always at war. In it's early days, it was quite peaceful. The king and queen ruled quietly and there was hardly any violence in Winneon besides the fun of Pokémon battles. About 100 years into the Modern Era, the WRSO or Winneon Region Science Organization was founded. They started importing other technologies from the other regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. Using these technologies, they fashioned their own technologies that made Winneon a new place. PokéPads and Legendary Pokéballs were only the beginning. And with new technologies, comes new discoveries.

    At about 300 years after the Modern Era began (2300 A.D.), the WRSO made a fascinating discovery. Underneath Winneon lay a burried city full of treasures and beings never seen before. These beings were in the form of spheres and looked like the beginning of a solar system of living inside of them. The beings were given the name of 'Aura'. These Auras seemed to be living in this city, protecting it from mining operations from above ground, making sure there was an energy source for each other. This city was their home. And this city was named the City of Valertiosa which meant 'Auras be free'. But, this place was not anything like Winneon above ground. Valertiosa was crumbling due to intense damage in Winneon's undergrounds. The Auras seemed to be doing their best to hold the city, but it wasn't enough. So after some scientists stayed in this city for a few weeks, they realized that if the people of Winneon didn't stop these mining operations from above ground, the city would cease to exist in less than a year.

    These scientists came to the surface of Winneon and found something rather surprising. You see, while the scientists were underground, word about the City of Valertiosa and the Auras has spread throughout the whole region of Winneon, and maybe to the other 5 regions as well. Many people were scared about the Auras. Rumors spread that they might leave the City of Valertiosa and try to invade the above grounds of Winneon. Other people were on the Aura's side, trying to convince the scared residents that the Auras are not going to hurt us. The group of scientists went to the king and queen about this matter, but they only found very angry rulers. The king and queen were mad at the group of scientists for discovering this hidden city. The City of Valertiosa caused uproar throughout Winneon and this uproar has disrupted the peace Winneon was sharing. The group of scientists told the king and queen of the City of Valertiosa's fall, that if we don't stop the mining operations, the City of Valertiosa would cease to exist. But the king and queen just got more angry at this statement. They said that if they stopped the mining operations, Winneon would have no oil and no underground tunnels for buildings that are to be built. The king and queen ended their jobs at the WRSO and sent them away. Angry at this, this group of scientists formed another organization, called the 'PTAO' or 'Protect The Auras Organization'. This organization was bent of protecting the City of Valertiosa from collapsing by stopping the mining operations once and for all. But, like all organizations, there is a dark side to it.

    Cylus (sie-LUS) was a quiet man. He was born in Kanto and moved to Winneon after Kanto's Depression in 2400 A.D. At the age of 24, he joined the WRSO. He was very fascinated in science and technology. As part of a group of 12, he went underground to discover the City of Valertiosa. He stayed there with the Auras for a few weeks with the other 11 scientists. When he came above the surface with the group of scientists, the Winneon region was in chaos because of the rumors spread about the Auras and the City of Valertiosa. After the king and queen banished the 12 group of scientists including himself from the WRSO, they formed the PTAO. But, Cylus didn't like this change. He was no longer focused on science, but to save some creatures that lived under Winneon. He was a major help in the PTAO with his knowledge of science and physics. The PTAO rapidly gained members within 1 month. But, the estimated time of collapse for the City of Valertiosa was 3 months, so the PTAO had to act fast. Cylus hacked into 1 mining operation and stopped it from mining underground for just enough time to move the location of the mining operation. This 1 act took about 2 months, so the PTAO was in a stage of worry. Deep down inside Cylus, he didn't care for the City of Valertiosa and it's Auras. He just cared for the city's treasures and power. So, in this state of worry, Cylus saw his chance and quickly took control of the PTAO. He made the organization wait for 1 month, causing worry among the whole of the PTAO.Then, in a flash, the City of Valertiosa collapsed and the all of the Auras were crushed. After the PTAO's failed mission, many quit the PTAO. After further study, Cylus discovered that most of the City of Valertiosa's treasures were intact, which meant that the Aura's were still alive. Cylus gathered members to join the PTAO to try to take control of the City of Valertiosa's treasures and control of the Auras. After he gained a certainty of members, he changed the PTAO's name to 'Team Aura'. Team Aura was bent on controling the Aura's undiscovered powers to control Winneon and it's people. So, Team Aura caused havoc around Winneon earning a name of destruction. People stayed away from Team Aura. But, all the while, Team Aura, was waiting. Waiting for an aura to escape the destroyed City of Valertiosa into Winneon. With that 1 aura, they would harness the aura's powers into weapns never seen before. And, Team Aura's wish came true, about 100 years after Team Aura was formed.

    One day, during the time of King Quirrin, a mysterious person wrapped in black cloaks came before Quirrin. He gave the King a book entitled 'The Book of Secrets'. This book had a cover that had a key design imprinted onto it. At the very bottom of the cover, it said 'If you shall read this book of secrets, beware of it's secrets, for they shall hold you down.'. King Quirrin thanked the mysterious man and sent him off. In a blinding flash, the man vanished. Quirrin was stunned. Many questions rolled through his mind on how he did that and what was this warning at the bottom of this book. After an imence amount of thinking, he decided to open this book of secrets. But, he soon regretted it. He opened the book and read aloud the first 3 words. Destruction is immanent. In a horrible blinding flash of light, the Winneon Castle exploded and the Book of Secrets flew out of the explosion undamaged by the explosion. As far away from the outskirts of Winneon, you could still see the gigantic explosion coming from the castle. The Book of Secrets flew open in the middle of the sky and out came a being that hasn't been seen for a whole century. An abnormaly large Aura flew around in the skies of Winneon.

    This Aura used a power never seen before and transformed into a legendary Pokemon known as Reshiram. This Aura disguised as Reshiram shot Flamethrower at all of the forests and the forests and habitats of the Pokémon were burned. But, the Pokémon thought that the people of Winneon burned the forests. When they looked up to the sky, they didn't see a Reshiram using Flamethrower, but dozens of airplanes dropping fire into the woods. All of the Pokémon became very angry at this and when the fires settled down, they attacked the people of Winneon. Of course, the residents had no clue of why the Pokémon were attacking, but the Pokémon formed small armies and destroyed all of the cities in Winneon. So, all of the people were forced underground, and the Pokémon did not continue. As a feeling of acomplishment, the Aura transformed back into it's true form and shot a shock wave accross Winneon's skies. The Sun started to black out from Winneon, and then, the Aura vanished in a flash. The Book of Secrets was never found again and the Aura was never seen again.

    After decades of working and avoiding the Pokémon that roamed Winneon, the people of Winneon created nine cities above ground and all of these cities were barricaded with large walls of rock so it would be very hard for Pokémon to come through. The only way of travel between cities if you didn't own a Pokemon was underground tunnels that were protected from the Pokémon that lived underground. The appearance of that Aura and why the Pokémon attacked was forever a mystery to the people of Winneon. Pokémon battles were still alive though, because some Pokémon came through the barriers of the cities and underground tunnels. These Pokémon were trained to be like regular Pokémon that didn't have a grudge on humans. So, Pokémon life still continued, but cautiously. Winneon has been at peace for centuries now. But, something is about to happen that will uncover the fear of Winneon. The Aura, has appeared in the Gyan Mountains.

    The Plot

    You start as a hero/heroine in your hometown, Grandcen Town. You travel to the Seeker's House, in which the Seeker tells you to, and quote "find the place or origin and discover the place of value". You go to your neighbor's house, Sally's House, and you are instead greeted by Sally's mother. She tells you that Sally went to Route 1, the Tunnel of Discovery.

    You go underground into route 1 to find Sally trapped by 2 Dugtrio and 1 Diglett. You tell Sally, to try and stay put, and you rush outside to the Grandcen Pokemon Lab. Professor Daisy isn't there but a briefcase is sitting on her desk. You run to the desk, and open the briefcase to find 3 Pokeballs. A note tells you that inside these 3 Pokeballs hold 3 Pokemon from the Kanto region. They are Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. You choose one, and then go back to Route 1.

    Sally in still trapped, but the Dugdrios and Diglett seem more agitated than last time. You battle the Diglett first and then the Dugdrios. So take Sally back to her house and you tell her mother everything. Then you and Sally go to the Grandcen Pokemon Lab and meet Professor Daisy there. Professor Daisy gives Sally the starter Pokemon that is weakest to yours, and you keep your current Pokemon. Then you and Sally go separate ways and you head off to Veradion City. After passing through Route 1, you pass through Route 2, The Tunnel of Challenges, and you meet around 10 trainers that you battle with.

    You arrive in Veradion City, the Lively City, after you battle your way through Route 2. There you meet Robert, your 2nd rival (Sally is the first). You battle with his Pokemon (its the Pokemon that has the advantage over yours) and after you beat him, he walks back to Route 2 to train.

    More coming soon.



    These sprites are placeholders, they will change soon.


    Sally & Robert
    (Currently no sprites or concept art.)

    Gym Leaders

    No Gym Leaders at this time.

    Important Characters

    Professor Daisy
    (Currently no sprites or concept art.)


    Completed Maps

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    Team SecretAura

    JalordaSerpent7 - Spriter, Mapper, Composer, Scripter, Overall Help

    Desperately In Need Of - Pixel Artist (3 spots), Composer (3 spots), Scripter (3 spots), Mapper (3 spots)

    If you would like to join my team, then post so here in this thread or send me a PM. Make sure so post evidence of your work for that particular spot.


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    OMG as soon as i read the spoiler for completed maps, I died laughing. I was expecting some % finished, that made my night
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