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I'm definitely not. xD;

Actually, Unova holds the record for favorite amount of Pokemon in a generation. In gen one, even though that was the original, and I was so enthralled with it before, there's only a handful or two of gen one Pokemon that I actually like. I found most of them weird, or unappealing in whatever ways. I enjoyed the story, and the anime more than the Pokemon themselves back then, and even the stories have been outdone by better games / anime seasons since then. So no, I'm not a purist.

And my opinion on them, is that I feel bad for them that they can't properly enjoy any of the newer games, since they can't shake them being just as fun, or better than the first gen games. Same goes for fans of the original anime, and etc. D: Maybe to them, gen one really is still the best, but I still feel bad that they're missing the joy of so many of the newer gens.

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