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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
Yeah, I kind of figure that's the case with my mom as well. Maybe I should just tell her at the same time as if neither of them know.
I wouldn't bother lol - she knows. I'd just bring a guy home to meet her one time and see what happens haha.

TornZero, don't worry about rambling lol - we love that here! I'm not as sure as you are that your brother's sexuality is just a phase. I read somewhere that male sexuality is stagnant, while female sexuality can be fluid. So while females may go through phases like this, it's highly less likely that males will ever change. So unless he's doing it for attention (which is not something I would ever do for attention but I digress) then I think he could be the real deal. Of course, I have no science or references to back this up and it's just my opinion, but I did read it somewhere I'm sure of it lol

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