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    Jack Davis

    "First stop, food and supplies, then next stop, where ever those vendors are... We can share our pokemon team line-up when were out of the broadcasting signals range."

    Jack nodded his head, "Yeah, we can do that. Yesterday I was able to visit Lilycove City so I have all the hyper potions and ultra balls I need. I can help with getting the food and whatever else we'll need to survive on the island. On the topic of the vendors, how will we find them? If we can't use GPS then it'll be blind luck that we bump into one. Maybe the mart has something that can locate them?" Jack walked toward the mart, "We can worry about that later though. Right now we can just shop for supplies for ourselves, we all know how much we need to survive in the wild. I'll meet you two back here later."

    Jack made sure to buy not only food for himself, but also for his pokemon. Pokemon naturally had a load of energy so whenever he had a day that lacked battles his pokemon could survive on just one meal. This was a battle royale, however, he wouldn't be that lucky this time. He bought enough food to last about a week for him and about two weeks for his pokemon. He doubled checked over his supplies and strapped on his backpack tightly. As soon as he met back up with the others they could finally head out and begin this royale.
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