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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Florence, Italy

    This person picked out a few random things after telling her destination, like the fact that the two weren't tourists. Though, as she said, the lack of cameras makes it a little obvious. "If I could take a guess, I think you are Atlanteans." Okay, she's a little too observant. And knowledgeable. She didn't let them respond, either. "So what can you do?"

    If she pointed out their heritage so easily, she probably already knew. A connection to the center back in Washington? Since he wasn't exactly sure what to call his own power, Cira nodded in his father's direction, who was already busy playing with the metal bar in his pocket. "How about we show you?" Cira asked, chuckling in his mind about what Alexander'd been doing the past week. "But we'd like some answers of our own next."

    Alex, now with slightly grayed skin from playing with the iron bar, turned his cheek to the girl, pointing at it with his unoccupied hand; his power's been active this whole time. "Go ahead, just punch me. Right in the kisser." Not like it mattered where she punched him.

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