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It was times like this that Christian wished he knew what he was going into when walked into the center 24 hours ago. In general, he always liked to be prepared in his dealings as being caught off guard always made things more difficult and potentially stressful. Pleasant surprises were enjoyable, however, and meeting Antonia could be categorized as one. But…well…Christian was never good at "dates" no matter how formal or informal. The entire time he had been talking about himself: his interests, his hobbies, his family, his goals in life. He have no idea what to ask and up until now he knew next to nothing about her. If he had only had some sort of profile to read (hint, hint).

Christian had no idea what to ask her in order to get her talk about herself a bit more. For the most part, the conversation had more centered on himself. This much was surprising. Christian never considered himself all that exciting or interesting. Yet here he is…talking about himself for some time. Shocking, isn't it?

Christian looked around the room for ideas to steer the conversation in a different direction. preferably off himself. The cafeteria was a social haven with Atlanteans able to talk amongst themselves without judgements being made. Some showed off their abilities to others, and many simply smiled and did the same. It was peaceful, it was quaint and it was….nice. Christian smiled to himself, happy that there was a place that Atlanteans could be themselves. It inspired him a bit as he now had a more defined goal: to create a world like the one finds himself in now. One free of judgement, free of war and one of serenity and peace. He would do anything to achieve that. With that solace in mind, Christian felt more comfortable and felt as if a burden was lifted from his shoulders.

(OOC: Going to bunny Antonia briefly. Hope it's okey dokey lokey.)

"Are you okay, Christian?" Antonia asked, looking mildy concerned.

"Oh, yes. Sorry. I'm fine," he replied, shaking his head free of distractions. He took a sip of his juice, averting eye contact with Antonia. To be truthful, he was embarrassed to be so absorbed in his thoughts. Not traditionally an idealist, Christian could not help but be overjoyed at the display the Atlantean Royal Family had presented. Whether or not they intended to do this or not would be the topic of a conspiracy theory. Christian wanted to be optimistic, but couldn't help over analyzing the situation. Finishing his gulp, Christian pointed over to where River was: "Looks like River is going to speak."

"Now that we have eaten, it is time we continued on to the Orientation. For you all sitting here today, this will be your new home. I understand that you have parents, siblings, families, but as long as you are with them, they are in trouble. At this point of time, there are three main players in this secret war to hoard a new resource; Atlanteans. What happened in Berlin was a catalyst created by a secretive organisation called ‘The Syndicate’. Essentially they train Atlanteans to become spies, mercenaries for hire to anyone who has the money. Behind them is the Atlantean Unification Project, while their motives are unclear at this point, from what we can deduct, they wish to unite all Atlanteans as a singular race, separating themselves from the outside world as an exclusive, select group. We, the Atlantean Royal Family, on the other hand want to train you all to better control your abilities. We work slowly to train as many people as possible, so that Atlanteans and humans can coexist in a world together.”

Christian propped his elbows on the table and interlocked his fingers together before placing him in front of his mouth. Not only would his voice be muffled a bit, but any onlookers would not be able to read his lips easily. Christian met Antonia's gaze and spoke carefully: "Seems I was not too far off with my theory." Christian was pleased with himself, and patted himself on the back. Of course, this fact also bothered him. He didn't want to be right. "I will admit that they do not seem to lying at the moment. This mansion would be an accurate representation of their overarching goal. However, I know for a fact they know more they are letting on. We'll have to talk about this later."

River opened the floor to questions of which she appeared to answer earnestly. Christian held back asking his own for the time being. Firstly, he want to make sure that he had something intelligent to say. Secondly, he did not want to cut anyone off. That would be rude and make a poor impression. After a few moments pause, Christian stood up and looked River in the eyes.

"When do we start training?"

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