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Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
Newest Platinum RNG. BD

Giratina | Level 47
Careful | Levitate | 31 31 31 7 31 31
Ominous Wind | Ancient Power | Dragon Claw | Shadow Force
Melinda | 31211

I wanted Lux Ball, but it almost died. :[
OMG, so cool! I will have the same spread but shiny (got a ID/SID for it shiny)

I got some V Gen abuses today:
lvl 30, shiny

Adamant | Iron Fist
IVs: 31/31/31/16/31/31
ID: 00001 Gonzo

lvl 47, shiny, female

Adamant | Intimidate
IVs: 31/31/31/16/31/31
ID: 00001 Gonzo

lvl 70, shiny, male

Modest | Flame Body
IVs: 31/30/30/31/30/30 HP Rock 70
ID: 00001 Gonzo

and my yesterday's fanciness:
lvl 26, shiny female

Natures: Timid & Modest | Flash Fire
IVs: 31/14/30/31/31/31
I couldn;t decide which ball is fancier so I did two Litwicks of each nature. Like a baws B-)

It races through narrow caves, using its sharp claws to catch prey. The skin on its face is harder than a rock.

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