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Coming out of the mart with Jay, bags loaded down with food and supplies as they walked out and began their trek into the forest.

Shadoan pulled out the old tattered map as the group studied it. "Jack, you were right. Someone did see the vendors make their departure, I'm into searching for the badge pieces they sell and a tool called a transfer tag, the ability to swap out Pokemon anywhere in the world, though its a 1 time use per tag. We might even find some trainers heading that way as well, meaning more encounters to fight for the components."

He scans the map and finds the sticker marked on the base of the mountain. "A trainer mentioned in the mart that the vendors were here and planning to move towards the mountains before sundown. We should be able to get to them before they pack up." Before he puts up his map, its snatched out of his hand by a trainer in a black uniform and black cap. Running off with it, the group chases after him, eventually, breaking off and surrounding him. The trainer looked panicked as he checked the time. With a sigh of relief, he has a menacing grin and calls out "Give me your badge components or pay with your health!" He pulls out a poke ball and tosses it up into the sky, releasing Steelix.

NPC Combat: Team R. Grunt
2 Pokemon
Badge Parts: ?

Moveset: ????


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