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Oh, look who's back!

Hey all! DrFuji and I have returned with a brand spanking new Let's Play; the winner of PokeCommunity's 'Hack of the Year' competition in 2008, Pokemon rijonAdventures by Hiroshi Sotomura, our very own Admin here at PC :)

rijonAdventures is a hack of Pokemon FireRed, which takes place in the Rijon Region (yes, we all see the pun), which was first made known in Pokemon Brown, a hack of Pokemon Red by Koolboyman. For more information on this hack, have a look at its thread! (It can be found here!)

This Let's Play is in video form; we simply YouTube-tag them into this post. DrFuji acts as the host; recording the video and thus playing the game, while I sit back and make snide, sarcastic comments. Viewers should bear in mind that I am located in Ireland, and DrFuji is located in Australia. As such, there may, at times, be a bit of lag, but thanks to DrFuji's great editing, you'll probably never notice :) (Unless of course I point it out in the video by simply saying so, haha).

While DrFuji and I are both extremely civilised gentlemen of noble background, it should be noted that there is some mild swearing in our videos. DrFuji has been scanning through them and editing out the harsher ones, so generally there's nothing to worry about; it's just something some people might want to bear in mind before watching these videos. They're also full to the brim with sexual inuendo, but I don't see how that could affect anything.
Jokes aside, there is some inuendo and mild swearing present (i.e., we may occasionally let slip the 'sh' word and anything that's less rude than that, but we never go dropping the 'f' bomb, nothing too extreme at all), but it's all in good fun. We hope you enjoy the Let's Play!


Episode One: THAT IS NOT RED

Episode Two: Mexican Brendan

Episode Three: Technical Difficulties

Episode Four: Famous Docks

Episode Five: Gallery of Rogues

Episode Six: Easy Mode Lapras


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