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    Jack Davis

    Soon enough everyone had gathered their own supplies and they headed off into the jungle. Shadoan had already started talking again and Jack let him talk. The guy was smart, but if anything he gave too much information. He seemed to think three steps ahead instead of focusing on the now. Jack didn't have too much of a problem with it but he also didn't see why Shadoan had to make sure to plan everything ahead. Most of the time plans never worked out, which is why he trained his team to act on instinct. You just never knew what could happen.

    "Jack, you were right. Someone did see the vendors make their departure, I'm into searching for the badge pieces they sell and a tool called a transfer tag, the ability to swap out Pokemon anywhere in the world, though its a 1 time use per tag. We might even find some trainers heading that way as well, meaning more encounters to fight for the components. A trainer mentioned in the mart that the vendors were here and planning to move towards the mountains before sundown. We should be able to get to them before they pack up.""

    Jack nodded, that sounded like a sound plan. If the vendors were moving around constantly then they would have to double time to get to them. Just as Shaodoan was putting up the map a man with a black uniform on just grabbed it and ran off. "Hey get your own map!" Jack shouted as he ran after the man with the others. Why even steal something that you can easily pick up at a mart?, Jack thought. Eventually the three cornered him and the man took out a pokeball. "Give me your badge components or pay with your health!" He released a Steelix.

    Jack just had to laugh, "You honestly think you can take on the three of us, with a potential of eighteen pokemon while you yourself can at the max carry only six? Why don't you drop the map and save yourself the embarrassment." Jack grabbed Foxtrot's pokeball, "Come on out Foxtrot!" The sableye materialized and grinned at his opponent, "Sab!"

    "Foxtrot use Night Shade!" Foxtrot shot out black beams from his eyes and hit the Steelix with them. Most of Foxtrot's ghost moves were useless against the Steelix, but he could use detect to his advantage. "Foxtrot be prepared to dodge his attacks!" Jack shouted.
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