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    Shadoan pulled out a pokeball and tossed it out. "Lets go, Avaith!" With a toss of the red and white ball, Avaith sprung forth onto the battle field.

    NPC: "Steelix! Dig!" the steel type pokemon dug underground as the group prepared for a counter attack. "Give our suckers a warm welcome." The ground rumbled as the trees began to fall down from every direction towards the trainers. While the grunt stood perfectly still, the others and the pokemon had to dodge oncoming objects. "NOW, USE SCREECH!"

    A bellowing noise came from under the ground as Steelix rose itself above ground. "Avaith! Burn that hunk of metal alive! Flamethrower!" Avaith complied as it let loose its flames, damaging the Steelix and forcing it back underground.

    The grunt chuckles. "I don't think I'm the one outnumbered here..." The group soon heres a roar of buzzing and sounds deep in the forest as they turn to see a short rampage of bug pokemon coming to their position. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I bid you, adiue! Ill be taking your badge pieces when the bugs are done with you.... STEELIX! LAUNCH!" His steel pokemon peered its head and jumped out of the ground with its trainer riding its back to another location far off. Stealing the map was a setup for a trap!

    NPC Battle: 10x Beedrill 4x Venomoth 6x Beautifly 2x Vespiquen
    Moveset: Bug/Normal-type moves
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