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    Nikolai Afon - Sweeden

    Nikolai Afon sank into his chair, exhausted. His ability had always taken strength away from him, leaving him weak and tired, but now he just felt like lying down and sleeping for a while. He was vaugely aware of Natalia saying something to him, but he ignored her and fell asleep almost immediately. He felt like he slept for a long time, but when he awoke again, it had only been about fifteen minutes. The small nap had given him some energy back though, and he felt slightly better than before. He looked at the table next to him and saw a glass of water, which he eagerly drank from, the cool water soothing his throat.

    Nikolai looked up as Natalia spoke to him.

    "Afon? We have a little time before our other members arrive. Did you want to get out? Stretch your legs? Do you need anything? Because this is our last stop until France."

    Nikolai nodded. "Yeah, thanks. I'll think I'll think I'll take a quick walk before we take off again." He walked downt he ramp onto the tarmac, the cool air felling good. He wondered who the other members that Natalia had mentioned could be.
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