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Oakley North - Boston, England

Oakley swallowed hastily as Kieran, the guy she had shared the quad-bike with, joined her at the end of the table. Indeed, she had picked her seat to be away from everyone for a reason, though he didn't seem to catch on to that. Or he had blantantly ignored her wishes to be alone. He watched her for a few seconds as she stared at her plate, rolling a blueberry back and forward with her fork. She felt too nervous to actually speak to him and a part of her screamed out to get up, walk away and join her brother. Another part screamed out that was a terribly bad idea due to past experiences. What if Michael triggered another accident? It... hurt too much. No, she was not avoiding her brother because he mentally hurt her. She was avoiding him because he physically hurt her.

"Can I show you something, Oakley?" Oakley looked up at Kieran, his gentle voice soothing her thoughts. She blinked at him, lost in his mysterious eyes for a second before nodding at him. He stood up and slowly pulled off his leather jacket, revealing what Oakley thought was a pretty nice shirt. But that wasn't what he was showing her. As the sleeves fell off his arms, a bone blade, one of each arm, revealed themselves. Oakley went wide-eyed at them for a second, trying to understand what they were. This was his 'ability'? Bone? Out of... his arms? That looked extremely painful. She clutched her right arm with her left hand. This guy... was kind of like her. "Pretty weird, huh?"

"That's... that's your ability?" she rubbed her finger against her lip, frowning a little in worry. "Does it hurt?"

"Not now, no. But it did. It, uh, well... okay, when the Atlanteans first came out, it started to push through. It was like... the bone in my arm had split in two and then it pushed out through my arm. When it first cut open, there was blood everywhere and I tried wrapping them up, but the bone just cut through that too. It took about three or four days before it stopped moving and it hurt for another day after that. Now... it's just like fingernail. A big, hard fingernail," he gave a little laugh, pulling at it a little. Oakley continued to look at it worridly, now gently biting her fingernails. She had complained so much about her ability and here was this guy, who looked like he had been through a hell of a lot more than she ever had. Though, her selfish side pushed through, reminding her than this guy, though had felt the pain once, Oakley experienced it every day. Never the less, she felt a little embarrassed. "What's wrong with your arm? Did you break it? Did you want me to get one of the nurses to look at it?" He reached over to touch it.

"Uh, no! Uh," she pulled her arm back, keeping it under the table. She didn't... want to... but she had to learn to get used to this. This was something that was going to be with her forever. If Kieran could be so open with his ability, something that was so similar to Oakley's, why couldn't she. She held her breath and slowly unwrapped the bandage on her right arm, revealing the armour beneath it. It had halfway up her arm, at a comfortable state. He didn't react like she though he would, being all wide eyed and freaked out. No, instead he leant forward.

"May I?" he said, gesturing his hands to touch it. Oakley reluctantly nodded, letting Kieran reach out and feel the armour. It was weird, she could feel his hands touching her cool, hard armour. Like it was her own skin, but hardened. He traced the small gem that had started to grow in an indent on the top of her arm, then touching the sensitive, revealed dark skin on the palm. It was all too weird. "How odd."

"What's odd?" Oakley said, shaking her head. Was there something different about her power? Unnatural to Atlanteans? Maybe he thought she was a freak. She exhaled sharply as she felt the armour grow up her arm a little. "Is s-something wrong?"

"How'd you make it move?" He looked up at her she held her eyes tight, trying to push down the pain. "Whoa, if it hurts, don't do it."

"I can't," she said, breathing deeply. It helped, the armour stopped just short of her elbow. Her arm had expanded too. "It does it when I... get... upset. Or angry. Or sad. Or worried. Or any... kind of change."

"Well, at least you'll be able to learn how to do it here," he put her arm down on her lap. "Don't get so worried about it, okay? Everyone here's gonna try and help you deal."


Kieran didn't get an answer in before River stood up to speak.

“Now that we have eaten, it is time we continued on to the Orientation. For you all sitting here today, this will be your new home. I understand that you have parents, siblings, families, but as long as you are with them, they are in trouble. At this point of time, there are three main players in this secret war to hoard a new resource; Atlanteans. What happened in Berlin was a catalyst created by a secretive organisation called ‘The Syndicate’. Essentially they train Atlanteans to become spies, mercenaries for hire to anyone who has the money. Behind them is the Atlantean Unification Project, while their motives are unclear at this point, from what we can deduct, they wish to unite all Atlanteans as a singular race, separating themselves from the outside world as an exclusive, select group. We, the Atlantean Royal Family, on the other hand want to train you all to better control your abilities. We work slowly to train as many people as possible, so that Atlanteans and humans can coexist in a world together. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them now before we move on, there is much to get done.”

Christian stood up to as a question but Oakley didn't hear him as Kieran put a hand on her armoured one.

"This place really helped me. I'm positive it's going to help you too."
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