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To make things easy i'll put it all in one (long) post.

Here's what I have:
Victini (US movie 14) - Naïve, Brave, Modest (x3), Hasty, Careful, Quirky, Jolly, Rash, Impish, Lonely, Calm.
Mewtwo (US aniv.) - Timid, Hardy (x2), Quiet, Mild, and one yet to be received (name your nature)
Arceus - Bold, and two in the entralink to be caught (name your nature)
Mamoswine - Rash, Jolly and one in the entralink to be caught (name your nature)
Banette - Sassy and two in the entralink to be caught (name your nature)
US birthday Togekiss in the entralink (name your nature)

My list for you:
Birth Island Deoxys (5th), Birth Island Deoxys (4th), 10th Ann. Mew (4th), WIN2011 Celebi (4th), SMR2010 Jirachi (4th), Manaphy Box 11 (4th), NewMoon Island Darkrai (4th), TRU Shaymin (4th), TRU Arceus (4th), Latios lv35 (5th), Latios lv35 (4th), Diagla lv1 (5th), Palkiia lv1 (5th), Giratina lv1 (5th), Raikou lv40 Hasty (5th), Entei lv40 Relaxed (5th), Suicune lv40 Quirky (5th), Lugia lv45 (5th), Ho-Oh lv70 (5th), Uxie Sassy Box 18 (5th), Mesprit Quiet Box 18 (5th), Azelf Docile Box 18 (5th), Heatran Naughty Box 18 (5th), Regigigas Hardy Box 18 (5th), Cresslia Mild Box 18 (5th), Articuno lvl 50 Rash (5th), Zapdos level 50 Rash (5th), Moltres lvl 50 Brave (5th)

As you can tell i'm trying to finish off my legendaries for both generations
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